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How many times a day does LO nurse now?  I swear my DD is trying to wean...she can go 6 hours straight without showing any desire to nurse...longer if we aren't at home.  It makes me sad because she's only going to be 10 months tomorrow and I worry a little that it's too soon.

At her 9 months checkup she hadn't gained very much weight but her pedi assured me she was fine and said there was no need to supplement so I'm not, but I just need to know that even if she's only nursing 3-4 times a day she's ok.

ETA she eats 3 good meals a day...she loves food!


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Re: BFing moms

  • I honestly have no idea how many times DD nurses in a day but I guess it's usually every 2-3 hours. I find that since DD is so distracted and into everything else I sometimes have to remind her to nurse. I would say that if your pedi isn't concerned then you should not be either.
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  • My LO only nurses 4 times a day, and one of those times is right before bed so I don't think he gets much milk, its more to relax him. I do notice he takes more when he does bf and will drain at least a side and a half. I don't think he's trying to wean, he is just consolidating his feedings. HTH!
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  • DD nurses between 5-6 times a day.  That can vary quite a bit though, especially if we are out.  Some days it's only three times. I don't worry about it too much. 
  • 4.5 times a day (he has one feeding before a nap that's sort of a half feeding). Like PP said, I don't think he's weaning, he's just consolodating. 
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    She was down to four times a day by 10m. She also loved solid foods and was eating three solids meals a day. By 11m, she dropped to 3x/day with a bottle of BM midday. Once she hit a year, we dropped the midday bottle of BM and she just gets a cup of WCM whenever she wants it, but still nurses in the AM and before bed.

    Every kid is different. DD cut down her nursing drastically around 9m. She went from 5x/day, 15-20 minute sessions, to 4x/day, 5-8 minute session. I trusted in her that she knew what she needed. As long as your D is having wet diapers and seems satisfied, let her nurse as much or little as she pleases!

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  • 4, maybe 5 times, and the last two rarely feel like full meals.
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  • I'm in exactly the same boat... Lo is still in the lean side and was previously in the 50+% for weight and is now only about 15%... My pedi wasn't concerned.  Like you, op, lo eats 3 great solid meals a day and gets really maybe 2 good nursing sessions where I feel like he empties my boob.  He just is so interested in other things to even want to nurse. I nurse him every 4-5 hours but he's not hungry at those times...


    I called the nurse the other day to ask and she said I think about breast milk as his "drink" rather than his meals now... Which sort of made sense.  I still hates this feeling that he's weaning though!! I totally relate. I maybe get 4 sessions in a day but like you I think he would nurse less if I didn't offer it... 

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  • We are EXACTLY the same situation as you. LO didn't gain much weight at 9 month appt, eats really good meals daily but can go ALL day without BF. I actually transitioned to wcm during the day. If she 'wants' to nurse I do but am trying to establish good offering of wcm daily in a sippy. I'm obsessed with dehydration even though I really know she is fine! lol By 12 months I hope to be on an am BF and pm BF but thats all. I would like to keep these as long as possible... I thin kI am more ad than she is about no feeds during the day! she is just waaay too distracted to feed especially when out, if it were up to her I would be sat topless so she could use me as open buffet! so.. I figured wcm is better than nothing. Obviously I offer water or watered down juice but I feel milk is more substantial as far as nutrients.
  • DD still nurses 7-8 times a day (including one over night feed). We started offering her purees just after she turned 6 months and table foods about 2 weeks ago. She still prefers breast milk over solids and only eats solids 1-2 times per day.
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  • DS at 10 months nurse 3-5x a day. He has been eating table foods since about 9 months,and eats a ton.

    I nurse him in the morning, before nap time, and before bed. If he "asks" to nurse more than that, I let him.

    I doubt your DC is actually trying to wean, just changing nursing patterns.


  • My twins nurse 4x day and get one bottle of pumped milk. I feed them every 3ish hours so they're still on a loose schedule. Mine are also very busy during the day so I usually just take them away from whatever they're doing. They're always very excited to nurse when given the chance. 
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