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XP: follow-up on grade-skipping questions...

Just wanted to thank everyone again for the input and insight into grade-skipping... we talked to DD's teachers, who've been consulting with her principal, and despite their general feelings about grade-skipping (they're not fans), they feel it's the best option for DD. One of the teachers said, "As an educator, I'm really philosophically opposed to grade-skipping. For A, though, I would do it."  DH and I have done a lot of thinking and soul-searching, and I think, assuming DD is on board with it, we're going to follow the recommendation of her teachers, whom we love and trust. So she'll skip first grade next year and go straight to 2nd grade. Ikes.

This has been one of the most challenging parenting decisions we've had to make so far, so I really appreciate all the different opinions. Thanks again!
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Re: XP: follow-up on grade-skipping questions...

  • Congrats!  As I said in response to your OP, I skipped a grade.  I was always glad about it.  My parents really agonized over it, though!

    FWIW, my DD had a classmate in K who skipped to first.  (I think in his case the parents were really gung-ho about it and pushed the school to do it.)  It didn't work out well and he moved back to his old class with no major problems.  He and my DD have been classmates since then, and he's been very successful both in regular and magnet elementary and middle school.

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  • Wow, J!  What a tough decision!  I'm sure A will do great- she's a superstar!  FWIW, a great and brilliant  friend of mine skipped and she is really well-balanced and successful with a really tight group of high school friends to this day.  My sister's childhood friend also skipped and handled it beautifully.  And hey, now we get sit next to each other at O and A's HS graduation!
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  • I skipped a grade.  I did kindergarten for a couple months...then a.m. kindergarten and p.m. first grade for a few months...then moved solely into first grade for the end of the year.  The following year I went to second grade. 

    I think the slow transition was good as far getting all the basic curriculum points (just because you're a gifted student doesn't mean it's helpful to skip a certain learning block) but it was also like peeling off a Band-Aid slowly.  I have very clear memories of being in kindergarten, hearing my classmates say "[name], the BIG kids are here" (when two 1st grade students came to pick me up to go to their class) and having everyone stare at me.  I was sort of between worlds and didn't 100% belong to either for awhile. 

    I am completely glad I skipped a grade.  Here are the ONLY negatives I remember:

    a) the thing I just mentioned about it being awkward in the beginning, socially.  (Like in second grade, kids would say "Yeah, but she's SUPPOSED to be in first grade."  My mom taught me to say "I'm supposed to be in this grade or I wouldn't be here," but I was too socially aware to actually say that.)

    b) No driver's license when my friends had them.  This was huge in high school, I couldn't drive when most of my friends could.

    c) Looking back, I didn't "blossom" until the summer before my senior year.  I was very skinny and physically immature.  I had tons of boyfriends in college, and imagine I would have been somewhat more popular in high school if I had not skipped a grade, because I was a late bloomer on top of skipping a grade.

    Other than those fairly minor issues (and hey, no childhood is perfect), I was always really really glad I skipped a grade.  Academically, it was completely the right choice -- school remained too easy for me even after skipping, so I can't imagine if I hadn't done it.  (Around 4th-6th grade, I just stopped doing my homework because I was so bored...I would have been a mess if I was a grade further back than that.)  I would definitely skip a grade again if I had it to do over.  I felt like I lived my life more efficiently, if that makes sense, and was where I was supposed to be.

    Good luck with whatever choice you make.  It is so hard to be a parent and worry if you're doing what's best for your child...but you know your child best.

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