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stomach virus

DS is vomiting but happy, Dr says there's a contagious stomach virus going around and DS got it. She told me what to do, but anyone have any tips? He woke up vomiting and threw up his first bottle. He's now had a little pedialyte and some water and kept it down. I figured some of you have already gone through this, so you may hvae tips for me. TIA!



Re: stomach virus

  • We just went through this too.  Definitely pedialyte, and mostly you just need to ride it out.  I also kept a bunch of towels in rooms that I knew he'd be in.  DS was himself within about 24 hours. 

     I do have one more suggestion.  DH and I both caught it the next day, so it couldn't hurt to have some saltines and gatorade in the house for you, just in case.  Good luck!

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  • Stick with water and pedialyte for most of today...then I was told that they can be temporarily lactose intolerant (and my DS was) for up to 6 weeks post stomach bug so we switched to soy formula and started giving him only half diluted until he proved he could keep that down, then up to 3/4 and then full strength.  Be prepared for some night waking as your kiddo will probably be hungry when not eating anything.  I also tried to reintroduce milk based formula too soon and we ended up in the hospital over night on IV fluids.  Thankfully he's ok now and we are transitioning to WCM with no problems so far.  The stomach bug sucks in wee ones for sure!!
  • Thanks, I stocked up on pedialyte and gatorade for us. I'm starting to get worried because he isn't keeping anything down and he's not really wetting his diapers.


  • DS had this a few weeks ago. It took him well over a week to get back to his normal eating. The first day we only gave him pedialyte, water, and apple sauce then we slowly started to introduce watered down bottles of formula. He did well with the formula but it took him a while to get back to tolerating any solids besides apples, pears, or cheerios.

    Dry diapers are a cause for concern IMO I would call the pedi

  • The Munchkin had this a couple of weeks ago. We ended up having to take him to the ER because it hit him so hard over the weekend, but one prescription for Zofran and four or five bottles of Pedialyte later, he was a happy kid again.
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