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Has anyone had to deal with their kid(s) having hives? How long did it last? Where on the body was it? What meds did you use? Thanks...
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Re: Hives?

  • DD1 is allergic to dairy, soy, and eggs. If dairy products or eggs touch her skin, she gets hives where they touched her. We don't give her those foods, but sometimes if we handle dairy products and then touch her before washing our hands, she gets hives. When that happens, we wipe her skin with a wet paper towel and they sometimes go away in about 20-30 min. Sometimes they stick around longer, especially if she scratches them. We have given her Benadryl for them once, but that's it.Do you know what caused the hives for your LO? We have to carry an EpiPen because DD's allergy test levels were so high.
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