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Help with middle name...

Keira Elizabeth  ( I just like it)

Keira Jean   (my grandmother's name)

Keira Marie  ( my middle name)

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Re: Help with middle name...

  • I like Keira Marie best b/c of your MN. Keira Elizabeth doesn't flow as well, IMO, because of the vowel at the end of FN and beginning of MN. That's just one of my annoyances with names.
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  • Keira Marie sounds best to me.
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  • I like Keira Jean.


  • Thanks yeah DH like Keira Marie....oh our last name starts with an M though wonder if that changes anything??

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  • Keira Jean

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  • I think Keira Jean sounds best, and I like that it's your grandmother's name.
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  • i think keira marie flows the best.
  • Keira Jean is my favorite. It's super cute and honors a family member. Win-win!
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  • I like Keira Jean the best.
  • I love Keira Jean, it has a nice sound to it.
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  • I like Keira Jean the best...Marie is a very common middle name. and It's nice because it's your grandmother's middle name, too.
  • Keira Jean for the significance. Elizabeth is pretty, not a fan of Marie.


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  • I like Keira Jean the best.
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  • Jean. I like the family significance.
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  • Keira jean! It's got some spunk and it's family.  Plus, I have a friend who has a kirra Marie!
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