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LO likes playing with me

I'm not worried about her latch because when she is hungry she is on there good. Lately though, when she is about done, she will pull off and then act all excited like she wants more. so I lean forward, she sucks again, but then pushes it back out. It's kind of funny because she does this over and over with a very excited demeanor, but I don't know if she's just done and is now amusing herself, or if it is a sign to switch sides?

Re: LO likes playing with me

  • My LO does this too! I take is at a sign to switch breasts, and then if she does it on the second breast I try and give her a paci :)
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  • Sometimes when my LO does this he just needs to burp!  Then he's made room and wants the other side. 
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    Sometimes when my LO does this he just needs to burp!  Then he's made room and wants the other side. 

    This exactly! I got really excited the day I figured this out!! I love when I learn new things about my son!! 

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  • HAHA that's kind of cute. DS rubs his face side to side on my boob and makes a growling noise when he's getting ready to eat. It cracks me up.

    My Colton...Growing up so fast!


    And Coralee, his baby sister...On the way!

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  • My daughter does the same thing!  I do think it's cute but gets tiresome after a few minutes especially at bedtime. I thought it might be a sign to burp but she doesn't always have to and will sometimes play the same game with her pacifier.  

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  • Ugh...I HATE when Sophie does this, because she's not nice about it at all. She's really rough, and it's horrible on my already painful nipples. When she does it, I'll switch sides, but usually she'll just start screaming. I wish I could find humor in it. Sad
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