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Someone tell me to stop shopping!

I did not expect buying baby stuff to get so addicting!  We are still waiting on approval but I started buying stuff so we'll be ready in case we get placed on short notice.  But just when I think we have all the essentials I think of something else or I see something cute I think I need.  I haven't bought any furniture yet since garage sale season is just around the corner.  For the past 5 years as we struggled with infertility I avoided baby stuff and even walking by the baby department was so painful but now its exciting because I know we will have a baby someday, hopefully soon!  Why is buying baby stuff so much fun?  Is it addicting for others or is it just me? 

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Re: Someone tell me to stop shopping!

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    We have purchased a lot of baby stuff and we're still waiting to be matched.  It's fun and it helps me stay hopeful through the tough wait, so I am okay with being addicted to it! :)

  • imageamm78:
    We have purchased a lot of baby stuff and we're still waiting to be matched.  It's fun and it helps me stay hopeful through the tough wait, so I am okay with being addicted to it! :)



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  • Yes, I waaay over-bought.  I shopped from the time we first decided to adopt.  I had a ton of newborn stuff.  But I don't regret it.  It was a great, fun time.  Enjoy!!
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  • I am so with you on this one! All through IF I didn't buy ANYTHING, even while pregnant before the miscarriage I didn't buy one thing. As soon as we started the adoption process though, I can't stop shopping! I guess it's just because we know eventually we will have that baby, so we know that it will all go to good use at some point!

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  • LOL! I thought I was weird and the only one.  Ever since we started our adoption journey last July, I have decorated our nursery and I have been having so much fun doing so.  For us, it gives us hope that we will soon be bringing our little one home (although we are still waiting to be matched).  I like to be organized and prepared, so it only makes sense.  My husbands makes fun of me b/c we get at a minimum one box from a week.  I like buying all the little things that make our nursery special.  The only thing I've been restraining from is buying too many clothes b/c it's hard to find cute neutral clothes.  I can't wait to find out if our baby will be a boy or girl.  It's so exciting.


  • I bought so much for my baby once we decided on adoption. His entire room and closet were stocked. I had the crib, mattress, changing table, changing pads, all the gear (swing, bouncy seat, bumbo, boppy, mamaroo, high chair, booster seat, stroller, car seat, etc). I thought by making myself keep everything gender neutral I would be limited. HA! I was very wrong.

    Then I decided I should probably get just a "few" boy outfits and a "few" girl outfits to take cute pictures in the hospital. I have way too many. Wyatt just turned 3 months old and I have TONS of stuff he has never even worn. Oops. :o

    It definitely helps the waiting go faster!  (At least I thought so)

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