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What is this?!?

So every now and then I'll notice DS's lower back is wet. Last night he woke up crying and this seemed to be the reason because I changed his pjs and he went back to sleep. It's not pee cuz it doesn't smell and we change his diaper frequently. I don't see why he'd be sweating, we keep it at 70 degrees and he wears a onsie and pjs or pants during the day, no blanket at night(he doesn't like them) he has reflux so I don't know if he spits up and it ends up down his back. I'm At a loss, thoughts?

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Re: What is this?!?

  • Does he feel warm?  My DS sweats a lot but he feels warm so it's easy to tell what it is (and his whole body is wet, not just his back).

    When his clothes dry, look at them.  Spit up dries a certain way, leaving a whitish mark where it was usually.  If it dries without leaving much of a mark, I would guess it would have to be pee?  Does it start just where the back of his diaper ends?  Maybe try going up a diaper size and see if the problem goes away. 

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  • Sounds like pee to me. My DDs pee doesn't really smell but I can tell if she leaks a diaper. Otherwise it could be sweat.
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  • My LO's pee could easily be mistaken for water.

    It's clear and doesn't smell like anything.

    It's probably just a pee leak. If your baby isn't hot it's probably not sweat because you'd feel wetness all over instead of it just being isolated to one spot on his back

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  • Yeah same here. My lo's pee has no odor, especially when it leaks on to her clothing....
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  • Ditto everyone else, sounds like pee. We had a few similar leaks right before we went up a size.

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  • If it's not sweat, it's probably pee. I'd try moving up a size diaper.
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