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Prego in Virginia?

My husband is in the navy. We just moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia about 8 months ago. Im 20 and I just found out I may be pregnant! Would love to hear from others near me... 

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Re: Prego in Virginia?

  • We are Navy also and are living in Chesapeake.  We moved in June, so right around the same time as you.  Everyone at NMC Portsmouth is great as far as the OBGYN department, if you haven't been there yet.  GL with your pregnancy.
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  • I also live in Chesapeake, DH is Navy, but we just got here in January. So far I've had pretty a pretty positive experience at NMCP, I just have to really stay on top of things because when you're seeing a different doctor every appointment, it can be easier for things to slip through the cracks.

     The traffic, now *that's* another story..!


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  • thats great. I am going to the portsmouth gyno as soon as we move to virginia beach may 1st. We are in Williamsburg right now. I have been going to fort eustis, I dont love it there.
  • Why are you having to see a different doc every app? Do you have family here? How are you adjusting? I'm so close to my family. So its been really hard :(
  • I guess I'll go against the grain and say that if you are in VA Beach, I would see if you can get seen out in town for OB care.  You might be able to do it with Prime, but switching to Standard is a good deal too.

    NMCP from VA Beach is a haul.  The tunnel is always congested, the parking garage is a nightmare, and the care I received there (years ago, though it was for a traumatic experience) was substandard at best.

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  • imagekyrajones6:
    Why are you having to see a different doc every app? Do you have family here? How are you adjusting? I'm so close to my family. So its been really hard :(

    When you go to the OB Clinic at Portsmouth, you will see whomever is on duty that day, as I understand it. I moved here at 20-ish weeks and have yet to see the same doctor twice. They're all friendly, but I was in a civilian practice before this (we PCS'd from Monterey CA, where there were no MTFs nearby) and I definitely feel the loss of the 'personal touch' now and then. I'll only be really put-out if there aren't any private rooms available when I deliver- they did warn me about this being a remote possibility, has it actually happened to anyone here?

    Another thing about Portsmouth, when I transferred into their care they required me to take the 'New Parent' class- amounting to an hour in a classroom filling out paperwork- before they would even schedule me for a real OB appointment. I ended up not being seen from December 9th (when we left CA) to January 30th, and was told tough luck. You may want to follow up with them ahead of time so that you don't get stuck like I did, maybe you will be allowed to drive down and take the class ahead of time?

    One final note, if they give you an appointment around 8am, LEAVE THE HOUSE SUPER EARLY. This was something new for me, usually the nurse will just give me a paper showing when my pre-scheduled next appointment is- they won't ask you what works for you. The tunnels to the hospital and the parking garage onsite are absolute nightmares in the morning. When they schedule me that early, I usually stop by the desk on the way out and request a later appointment- I find anything after 9:30 is pretty doable.

    I don't have any family here and I'm still getting used to this area. We have 3 year orders, so I better suck it up and start liking it. Thank god I have a dog, because DH is gone right now and I'd be going crazy without another living thing to interact with every day. I'm sure it will get easier for you too. I remember feeling this way at basically every duty station we've been to so far, and eventually the feeling fades as you make connections. Once LO is here and a little older, I plan on doing some volunteering for the Hampton Roads USO and getting involved in the wives clubs (something I usually avoid like the plague) to meet a few people.


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  • Thanks so much! I don't know where ill be going yet.. We are here for 2 more years and then he's getting out! I got me a puppy as soon as we moved up here haha It really helps when hubby leaves. I plan on getting a part time job for a little while. I'm going crazy sitting here. I have my cosmetology license but I haven't transferred my license from tn to virginia yet. Congrats on being prego :) I cant wait to get huge haha 
  • I am 37weeks pregnant and have seen the same OBGYN for every appointment except 1. Parking garage is murder and if your appt is anytime before noon, be prepared to park on the roof. The first appt that they schedule you for is annoying but after that, its not that bad. I recommend taking the Childbirth Prep class and the Baby Bootcamp.
  • CONGRATS!! :) We're in VB too :) I'll second the other post that reccomended tricare standard.... I love being able to see a doctor out on the town :)
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  • Thank-you.

    How soon did they see you? The gyno at langley wont see me until im 10 weeks. Im only 5 weeks. I was going to try portsmouth or swells point but I am wondering if i should do a non navy doc?

    Thanks for all your info :) 

  • How many weeks were you when the doc first seen you? At Langley they wont see me until 10 weeks :(
  • I had my first appt. at 7 weeks... first u/s at 10... but like I said, I see a doctor out on the town... I'm sure everywhere does it a little differently~
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