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I've been lurking for a while, and the post below about "Parker Miller" etc. got me wondering about rhyming names. 

The way it's turning out my son will most likely have a name very similar to Jack Black.  His first name is going to be Jackson.  I know it's 'overdone' but it's the only name DH and I agree on and I do love it.  Our last name rhymes with Black. 

People are already calling him Jack, and they like to say his FN and LN together so that it rhymes.  Most people we know think it's cool, and I don't mind it.  But I'm wondering what the general opinion of this board is. 

Re: Rhyming Names

  • I think that if you're going to have a rhyming name, having something like Jack Black is cooler than something like... Noah Balboa? Julie Poolie? lol I dunno, its hard to think of rhyming names.
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  • I'm sort of struggling with this myself. DH and I both really like the name Holly, and it's hard for us to find names we both can live with. Holly sort of rhymes with our ln though, which sounds like frolic. DH thinks Holly Frolic sounds cool, while I was afraid that it's too rhymey but am now wondering how much I care if we both like the name.

    I don't mind Jack Black as a rhymey name, especially with full name jackson, but would wonder WTH you were thinking if you named your child Julia Gulia or something of that sort.




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  • Not a big fan of rhyming names myself...
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  • ***moonfaerie***

     Julia Gulia! i about lol'd out of my chair! 


    as for the rhyming of the names... it could be really cute. it's much better than the same first name and last name, like one of the guys i knew in high school... Robert Roberts... i mean really? or Michael Michaels?  why do parents do that to their kids? 

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  • It depends on the LN. Our LN sounds like Kelley and I think it sounds really bad with some cute names I like - Molly, Lucy, Macy. Just can't do it :(
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