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PT before or after new bed transition?

we have a new baby coming in june, and before then we have to transition DS to his big boy bed.  i wasn't going to force PT but he's showing tons of signs he's ready himself and requests to use the potty all the time.  so i'm guessing we need to go with the flow here....

but should i get aggressive about PT before or after the bed transition? not sure if they would affect each other.... the bed is more important to me to go well right now!

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Re: PT before or after new bed transition?

  • I think the two kind of go hand in hand.  We're doing both right now with our daughter because how is she supposed to tell you she has to go potty if she's stuck in her crib?  You could always do bed first, then potty, but it makes  no sense to me to do potty training if he's going to be stuck in a crib and can't go potty if he needs to.  Just my two cents.  Good luck!
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  • Hi there!  I've been over at the TTGP board for a little while, but am new to this board.  I have a 25 month old son who I am currently potty training and having the same exact question right now.  Except he is at the point where he is peeing on the potty regularly which I'm thrilled about.  But right now he's saving his pooping for naptime and bedtime when we have been putting him in a pull up still.  So I'm thinking about the same thing.  He has been in his crib and shows no sign of wanting to be in a bed or crawling out but I don't see how I can very well train him through the night if he's not in a bed yet where he can get out if he needs to.

    I am starting with his naptime and today is day one of naptime with only underwear.  I'm terrified it's going to mess up his nap or that it's going to take a lot of practice, but we are going to start with that while he's in his crib.  I told him before I put him down that he should call out for me if he needs to go.  He's really good about telling us when he needs to go before he goes - or rather - out loud protesting "no pee pee!"  So I'm keeping my fingers crossed but I can't imagine doing night time training in a crib still.   

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