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  • Insanely popular to the point of boring.

  • I love that name even tho it's very popular because of twilight but If I have a girl I am naming her Isabella and calling her Bell not Bella 
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  • Not a fan. Way too popular/Twilight.
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  • DH and I really like the name and the long form Isabella too, but unfortunely because of Twilight, it's all people think when they hear the name.  Sadly, this is what popular movies do to name.  Harry will always be Harry Potter, Luke will always be Luke Skywalker, etc

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  • I think it is really a very cute. I love the name Isabelle/Isabella despite it's popularity. I don't think the use of a name in a movie/book should strike it off the list. I wouldn't relate it to Twilight immediately and for those who do now, they most likely won't in a few years when the movie has faded away. DH is a big fan of the belle/bella names but we can't use them since our last name ends with a double L.
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  • I've been trying to force myself with the Disney Channel actress Bella Thorne and it sort of works sometimes, but I usually still end up thinking of Bella from Twilight and what a god-awful character Stephanie Meyer created.
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  • What about Anabelle (pronounced like Ah-na instead of Anna) or something with "Belle" or "Bella" in it? I agree with PP it is over used and I think of Twlight.
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    Insanely popular to the point of boring.


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