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I had a dream last night we had a baby girl named Rose, but it was only her nickname.  

This isn't really in our lists, especially as a first name.  It's my mn but DH isn't crazy about it.  But I'm still curious what your favorite Rose names are.

I think Rosamond is my fave. 

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Re: Rose names

  • Rose-a-lyn - spell it however you wish.
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  • Rosalia & Rosalie.
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  • imagekenna_4:
    Rose-a-lyn - spell it however you wish.
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  • I love Rosemary. 
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  • Taking from Hunger Games... Primrose
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  • My absolute favorite is Rosemary.

    Here's an article from Nameberry that details several "Rose" names.

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  • If it wasn't for the Twilight association, I might like Rosalie the best.  But because of that, I think just Rose is my favourite.  Plain, simple and beautiful.
  • My aunt and 2nd cousin are both Rosemary and I love it. My aunt goes by Rosie, my cousin goes by Rosemary. 
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  • My neighbor's daughter is Margaret Rose, but goes by Maggie Rose. And she's absolutely adorbs so I love the name.
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  • Rosalind
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  • My niece is Rose Kaitlyn....I like just Rose :)

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  • If we ever have another girl, she will be blamed Rosalie. It's my favorite Rose name.  One of my best friends growing up was a 3rd generation Rosario.
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  • Rosalind, Rosalie, and Rosario.

    Also Rosemarie.

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  • The only "Rose" I like is Rosemarie, but I would never be able to use it (my fn is Maria) and I don't like Rose by itself.
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  • Rosemary, Rosalie and Rosalind.


    Of course my last name ends in -rosa so I can't use any of these even though they are my favorite names.

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  • Rosalie is my favorite out of the names already listed. I know this isn't pronounced with "Rose" but I also really like Roslyn (Roz-lynn) ...close to Rose lol.
  • My favorite is Rosalie.  I also have to include Rosemary since that was my grandma's name.
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  • Rosalie. Or Just plain Rose. 
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  • I like plain Rose, but I also like Rosalia. 
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  • Rosaleen, my grandmothers name.

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  • imagewestrose:
    I love Rosemary. 

    I love Rosemary too. And I also like "just" Rose. 

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