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when to start mylicon?

My sister said this was a lifesaver for her... but mentioned that she thought you couldn't/shouldn't use it until LO is a few months old. She wasn't too sure

Are you using them? And when can I start? 

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Re: when to start mylicon?

  • when my lo had his 1 month check up the doctor suggested this to us because he was having alot of gas. call the ped. and just ask thats what they are there for. 
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  • My son has had mylicon since he was a week old. He was also in the hospital at the time and it was recommended by his doctors there and his pediatrician. 
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  • If your baby is having that many problems with gas and you've tried switching formulas or pinpointing if there's a specific food you're eating to contribute to the gas if you're EBF, then go ahead and start anytime...  With DS he's been on Simethicone since he was a month old per our Ped. and probably would have been on it earlier had our 1mo appt been earlier...  If he doesn't get it at every feeding, the poor lad is fussy for days while the gas works its way out..
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  • DS started at around 2 weeks old. They've made a huge difference.
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