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Is there an attendance policy at your pre-K ?

We are in GA and DS1's  state funded pre-k requires full time, 5 days a week next year.  I am fine with him going 5 days, all day, but in reality, DS1 misses a lot of day care.  We have full time because my schedule is unpredictable but its flexible, and I can often get out for a day and keep them out. Also, my mother lives close and they spend a day together probably once a week. He adores her and I know he will not understand that we can't do this next year. A friend of mine ended up paying for day care for her 4 year old just so they could keep him out more - and I am a little jealous :/  So, I know that we cannot pass up the chance to save $900 a month on day care for DS1, but I am sad that we will miss this time.  

Also- if you do have an attendance policy, how closely do you follow it? They have made it clear he needs to be there, but still, I am going to wait and see how much it is enforced.   


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Re: Is there an attendance policy at your pre-K ?

  • There's one for k-8, and a more strict one for high school (9-12)

    For k-8 you get 12 excused or unexcused absences. Then you can be recommended to repeat that grade the next year.

    For HS- the policy is basically, 3 absences is 'excessive' and parents will be contacted and after certain number of unexcused absences the DA is notify, etc, etc.. gets kinda hardcore; but kids can drop out at 16, so at that point I think they just stop.

    But for Pre-k I don't think there is a definitive policy, but since I think pre-k is supposed to get you and the child ready for K, then there would be a push to be there unless the child had to be out.

  • Ds1 is also in a state funded PreK this year,  there is an attendance policy but if they miss more than that it will not hurt them to go into K.  Now we are a small town and the school PreK-12th is all in the same building.  Ds has missed a bit because we went on vacation and he has been sick plus doctor appointments.  Now my H is overseas and everyone here knows everyone and so his was excused.

    The prim. reason is just routine, and getting them ready for K because in K they stick to the policy and not pass them to 1st grade.  He has also learned so much.    

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  • DS1 did preschool at the YMCA and there was no attendance policy that I knew of.
  • No attendance policy, but it's not public pre-K, either. That's why I only have her in 3 day/3 hr preschool, however, so that we can continue to do fun and spontaneous things. That is more important to me than full-time pre-K.
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  • My daughter is in publicly funded preK in NY, which is 5 half days a week. We treat it as we would any other school and unless she's sick or it's really extenuating circumstances she's at school. We did take off the day before Thanksgiving and Dec 23, which we will not do starting next year, but only because school ends at 3:30 and if we waited until 4 to cross the George Washington Bridge to get down to our parents area the hour trip would have taken 2+ hours.
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  • Attendance policies bother me so much.  If a child is keeping up then I don't think it matters.  My parents pulled me out of school all the time to do "fun things"  Go on vacation, visit family, go to swim meets.  I know I'm going to go into culture shock once DS starts really school.  I pulled him out so much in December, January on Mondays the preschool called to see if I brought him on the wrong day.  Between my dadys off family being in town it just seemed easier to keep him home.  I was still paying for Mondays so they appoligized.  Usually I give the teacher a heads up but DH picked DS up and he forgets.


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  • The PreK does not have an attendance policy but I find no reason to send my kids to a full time program if they are going to miss a day a week, I would just a different program that better suited my needs.  Just my thoughts.  My girls love school (PReK and Preschool this year).  Yes, we miss for things like my parents being in town or vacations but since DH and I both work full time, they are there most of the time.  At hte PreK, they want kids there for the day for the main classroom time.  They hvae what are considered before and after care hours and about half of the kids are there for some of those hours and the rest are there for mainly just the school hour time frame.  It is an amazing program and while it doesn't hurt the kids if they miss, they do miss out on things but not like a child in elementary would miss if you know what I mean.  I think having a consistent schedule is great for the kids and really helps get them ready for kindergarten.  I would maybe look at a way of having your child still spending time with grandma but maybe not on a weekly basis - maybe start with every other week and then go down to once a month or something to help get ready for kindergarten.  Although as I'm typing that, not sure I would want my child to miss a day every other week in those 1st few weeks as that time is so important for the kids to get to know each other, learn the rules and routine and everything.   I don't know, as I type and think about it - I would aim to have your child there most of the time and make the times with grandma less often and build them up to be special or let them have times after school or on the weekends and things like that.
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  • I don't think preK is too early to start teaching kids the value and importance of school.  If you take it seriously so will they as they go through their school years. If you blow it off to hang out or whatever so will they. 

    Just the opinion of a teacher who has dealt with many lackadaisical parents and kids... (I understand 4 is young, but don't think it changes the point) 

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  • KL777KL777 member

    DS is going to a non-public Pre-K and I'll be taking him out of class every other week for "fun things" and then another occasion for a family vacation.

    Once he starts kindergarten, however, I won't do that anymore.

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  • I am pretty sure that most state funded Pre-K programs have attendance policies.  First, they usually receive their funding based on the days your child attends, just like elementary school and beyond.  So every day you miss they lose money.  Secondly, most have waiting lists and would rather give the spot to a child that will attend regularly.

    DD is in a private Pre-K and they still have a policy.  They have a wait list and prefer to have families that attend regularly.

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  • My daughter is also in a GA PreK program. Not only does she like being a big kid and go to a school like her older cousins. I appreciate her getting in the routine of getting up early and going through the school atmosphere. Next year, she will actually have shorter days (though getting up a half hour earlier) because she get out at 230 instead of when we pick her up at 430-500.She is also excited about K because she gets to bring her own lunch. Big stuff since her preschool doesnt allow outside food.

    We still take her out for vacations, when she's sick and other fun stuff, but her school also does fun stuff like when they went Universoul Circus came into town and the drive thru Safari.

    I think the attendance policy is great idea and yes, 4 is young, we as parents need to start getting into the routine and realizing our babies are growing.


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  • We are in GA too and that's my top reason for doing private pre-k this fall. My understanding is not only is attendance strict, even start time must me strictly adhered to. Because the state is funding it, it's strict and they have to do reporting to the state. Our school sends letters after so many tardies or absences and I think eventually asks you to leave the program. Plus, since we'd still have to pay for before and after care (since the hours are only 8:30-2:30) plus care for all school holidays, spring breaks, Christmas and fall break, summer and all meals, etc...there really wasn't a huge price discount when we looked at it that way. 
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