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Nella Grace

Alright, you name experts...

Currently, our baby girl's name is going to be Nella Grace; We have the monogrammed pillow to prove it. haha. But, lately, I've been having second thoughts about the name Nella (Grace is my grandmother's name).

I am a fan of pretty, traditional names, and tend to lean away from trendy names. I liked Nella at first because it actually is a very old name (think 1800's), but since it is not used much (at all), I am finding that most people don't think that it is legit...which then sort of puts it into the trendy category.


A. What do you ladies think (again, because I asked a couple weeks ago if any of you read it) of the name Nella Grace?

B. Can you think of any other names that would be in the same caliber as Nella...older and pretty...but not super trendy? My name is Laura, my husband's name is David, and our son's name is we can't name her anything too dissimilar.

Thanks for your input! 

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Re: Nella Grace

  • I love the name! I've never heard of Nella, but that doesn't mean it's not a legitimate name. She'll be unique, in a good way.(Take it from a girl who was one of 4 Ashleys in elementary). It's still a classic sounding name, and it fits with all of your names. Never mind that you don't want to have to redo the pillow. Wink
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  • I have to admit, I thought it was part of the "ella" trend at first. But honestly, if you love the name, and it's a legit name, I'd stick with it. It's also pretty straightforward to say... not confusing at all. Nellie could be a cute (and very recognizable/mainstream-sounding nn).

    Nora is a more popular name that reminds me a bit of Nella. 

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  • Part of me wants to like it a lot, but I have some associations I can't get past.  It makes me think of Nilla wafers and banana pudding (probably a really personal association that you'll never have to worry about) and I also associate it with popular mommy blogger Kelle Hampton (she's the one who had a child with Down Syndrome unexpectedly and the post about it went viral)-- her daughter's name is Nella. 

    That said, I do think those are pretty rare associations and it's a neat older name.

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  • I love Nella, I think you should stick to it! It sounds like a really sweet name and it goes nicely with Levi!!
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  • I like the name Nella. A friend of mine actually just had a DD and named her Nella. It was the first time I'd heard the name, and I thought it was very pretty. Nella Grace sounds lovely!
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  • I've never met a Nella personally but it doesn't sound at all made up to me. I like it and think you should stick with it.

  • Love Nella,  but Nora is a similar traditional name
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  • I had never heard of the name Nella until recently (from someone else on this board). But I really like it. It doesn't sound made up to me. It's easy to say and spell. It's not common, but not too out there. It has an antique ring to it, so I don't think it sounds trendy. I say use it!
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  • Thanks so much for the encouragement, Ladies!

    Hormones...they're getting the best of me lately!

    Take care!

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  • To me, Cora is a similar name to Nella in style and history.  I slightly prefer Cora to Nella due to a Nilla Wafer association I can't shake.

  • I really like it. My great-grandmother's name was Neva and I have a similar problem where people think it sounds like Nevaeh (cringe!) or completely made up. Nell is a nice NN. I also like Nora, Cora and Neve
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