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S/O The House of Mouse and Guest Assistance Cards

What about kids with no formal diagnosis yet?  According to psychologists, SLPs and others, DS definitely has sensory integration issues and delayed speech and motor skills.  We have copies of paperwork to that effect but no formal diagnosis yet.  His first appointment with the developmental pedi is 4/24.  

He doesn't do well in bright sun and would feel more secure if he got to stay in his stroller more, but I'm not sure if they'll accommodate us without a formal diagnosis from his pediatrician.

 Any thoughts? 

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  • We went in November and were not required to provide any proof about DS's diagnosis.  I did have a letter from his psychologist just in case but they were very nice and accomodating.  We were able to get the GAC and also the stroller as a wheelchair pass.  Also my DS has food intolerances and a note of this was made on all of our reservations for sit down restaurants.  The chef would come out and talk to me and make DS a special plate.  Again I did not have to "prove" that he had these issues.
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  • I don't believe you actually have to show "proof" of the dx to get a GAC.  You just need to go to guest relations and tell them what your needs are.

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  • There is a whole message board dedicated to traveling to Disney w/ Disabilities on this site:  www.disboards.com


  • I was not required to show any proof of anything -- we did not have a diagnosis at the time.  They just asked what specifically he needed for accomodations.
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  • My experience is with DL, but as everyone has stated no one asks for any paperwork. It is on the honor sytem. Only a real a-hole would ask for a pass and not really need it, but I suppose there are still those that do.
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  • Thanks so much for all of the responses!  I hadn't realized how stressed I was about this trip until I realized there was a way to work around his sensitivities to lights, noise, etc.  But I hadn't even thought about the mealtime issues yet, and that likely would have been my biggest stressor.  DS flat out refuses to even try most new foods because they're the wrong color, texture or temperature.  He's below the 3rd percentile in weight even for his adjusted age, so we can't let him not eat.  I can't even tell you how much anxiety has lifted knowing that they'll work around his eating issues!  Thank you so much!!!! 

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