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pcs-ing to fort knox

So found out we will be moving to fort knox this summer, we are a little bummed lol but as long as we are together for a bit I know it will be fine. so has anyone lived here, what was your experience? things to do? where should we live? All comments appreciated ...We have a newborn if that helps 

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  • Don't be bummed. Fort Knox is awesome! I'd try for on post. When I was there(3 years ago) they were completely re-doing and building new housing. They just built new on post lodging and they've really revamped the post since the HRC headquarters moved there.

     Louisville is about 30 minutes away. There's a big mall and all kinds of restaurants and bars.  4th Street Live bring all kinds of great bands and they shut down the street for basically a big block party. It's awesome.  You can also get tickets to their minor league ball team(the Sluggers) for like $10 and sometimes you can get free tickets to some of the college games. 

    Radcliff is the town right outside of Fort Knox, it's ok for the most part, it has some shady parts, your typical GI town. There are awesome restaurants outside of post. Just outside Wilson Gate there's a great little Korean place across from Wal-Mart. On Dixie Highway there's a great German place(big blue Ox out front), a Mexican place with $1 margaritas. We had an apartment in Radcliff and we paid about $550 for a 2 br/1.5 ba in a nice area. 

    Further down the road in Elizabethtown(E-town) is a small mall and your basic chain places. There's a good hibachi/sushi place in the strip mall right before Lowes.

    There's a ton of things to do, especially if you're outdoorsy. We used to go hiking and mountain biking in Otter Creek all the time.  If you go to the MWR office on post get all kinds of info for kayak rentals and stuff. 

    I post more over military nesties, page me if you want more info! 


    CJ 05/29/2013

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  • Fort Knox was our first duty station back in 2004. I had a 5 day old baby when we moved there. My second son was born there on post and it was a wonderful experience. Back then we didn't have tons of money to do a lot anyways, its not that bad there. Once my husband got commissioned we got into better housing. I miss living on an Army base. After Ft Knox, we were stationed in Hawaii, honestly I couldn't wait to leave Hawaii!
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  • I agree with all the other posters about the area. My dad retired there so I grew up in the E-Town/Radcliff area and didn't leave there until I joined the coast guard after college. Everytime I go home it feels like there are more and more military personnel transferring in. The on base housing is much nicer now. I remember when they tore down all the old stuff and they have a nice new playground off of the Wilson Road gate.

    A lot of areas in Radcliff are a little shady. We once leaved in a neighborhood that was nice and by the time I was getting in high school it just got really shady. My family ended up building a house out Radcliff/Vine Grove ways. E-Town isn't so bad, but you just need to watch were you live, but not anywhere near as bad as Radcliff. You can even rent a home off base for around 800 easy if you want to go that route.

    As for things to do....as a kid/teenager it was boring. It was a lot of hanging out. Not much to do unless you travel to other areas--like to see the caves or Kentucky Down Under (a bit of a hike south). After living in NJ for the past few year I go crazy when I realize how much there isn't there, but its not terrible. Its just a matter of what you are used to and what you make things. Oh, and there a bunch of restaraunts and it seems like they keep building more. Plus, in Fall all the little towns have little festivals/parades. E-Town has the Heartland Festival which last I went it wasn't too bad but that was a few years ago.

    Feel free to PM me.


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