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What do you do while your lo is having ABA?

Just curious if you hang out and watch the whole time or do you do laundry and cook dinner? I have twins so I try to keep one entertained while the other is with the therapist. 

On Monday we went to the park and that was a nice change of scenery and it was nice to have help with the boys. Do you take ABA with you to parks, zoos etc? 

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Re: What do you do while your lo is having ABA?

  • DD would have her ABA sessions in the dining room, which is open to the kitchen... I'd do kitchen stuff (washing dishes, cooking, etc.) if there was something I was particularly interested in observing. Otherwise, I tried to stay out of the way, but within earshot, usually doing chores, or if I was feeling lazy, on the computer. :)
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  • I'm usually doing laundry, putting away dishes, or playing with my older daughter. My DD does better if I am not in sight, so I try to stay away.
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  • the 2 hours per kid done at my home usually take place in a separate room, so I stay out of the way. Occasionally I will be present. The other 10 hours per kid are center based, so I go out with my daughter while the boys get ABA.
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  • I'm at work for both of his daily ABA sessions.  My parents watch him when he comes home from the center and my understanding is that he gets his ABA in the living room and they're usually in the dining room (grandpa's reading the paper) and in the kitchen (grandma's making dinner).  

    I've been home a couple of times but unfortunately it's been because I was sick so I mostly just hang out in our apartment (we share a duplex) but I find myself sitting on the stairs trying to see if I can hear anything.  Listening to him interact with his therapist is very interesting.  It's a whole other side of him.   

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