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Anyone a DoD Civilian employee?

DH is active duty, and I work for one of the branches.  As a civilian employee, am I eligible for short-term disability as part of my FMLA?  I'm trying to figure out my options for maternity leave and know that I'm not going to have a ton of paid leave to cover the time off.  Thanks!

Re: Anyone a DoD Civilian employee?

  • I know one of the basic qualifications for FMLA is that you have to work for the employer for at least 12 months.  Beyond that I'm not sure if there is anything additional since I worked as a contractor, not GS.  With my company it was unpaid leave.  I would ask your Civilian Personnel office.

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  • No, the federal government does not offer short term disability.  If you don't have paid leave, you do have a couple of options assuming you have a good supervisor who's willing to work with you. 

    You can borrow sick time, apply for leave donations, take LWOP, or take training and earn some comp time (again, pending supervisor approval)).

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  • Yes government employees are allowed 2 months maternity its just unpaid. I worked for dod for 5 years and plenty of my girlfriends had babies and were eligible for two months unpaid for maternity leave. My dad is retired army and also a civilian and is 90% disablied and was eligible when he had knee surgery, you shoul contact your hd department thats what they are there for.
  • I know at my DOD  branch, I'm eligible for 12 weeks of Maternity- but I have to have sick leave or Annual to cover it..

     But as the other person said people can donate their annual to you, this happens at my work all the time. Lots of longtime mgrs donate to employees under them. 

     I also know, That taking my maternity leave I'll take it under FMLA, which will hold my job and postion for when I come back preventing them from doing away with it. and Giving it to someone else, or doing away with my position completely.


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