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New Marine-to-be's gf?

I'm currently 24 weeks, very emotional, and always at the urge of crying (only recently).


My boyfriend of three years just shipped out today, Monday March 26th to SD for USMC bootcamp.  I'm very, very lost and lonely. I guess you can say this is an introduction asking for some advice and support. 

I'm fairly new to thebump as well. 

Re: New Marine-to-be's gf?

  • Welcome! It def. Can be lonely at times. Just try to keep yourself busy to make the time go faster. When I start to miss Dh a lot I sit down and write him a letter. He loves to get mail and it makes me feel better. Spend some time with family and friends while he's away. Try not to get in the habit of shopping out of loneliness like I did lol.
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  • This might sound crazy but get a body pillow or something to cuddle with at night. It's helped me :)
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  • I agree with the writing letters.  My husband just got back from deployment about two weeks ago, but while he was gone I got myself into the habit of writing him a letter every night. Even if it was just a short one that said "I don't feel good tonight, because I'm starting to get heartburn now" I still wrote him a letter. I also clipped the daily crossword puzzle from the news paper and did half of it and enclosed it in the letter for him to finish.  That helped as well, because the daily crossword puzzle is something we do together every evening while he's home.  It helped me keep a little bit of our routine alive while he was gone.  

     Another thing that always helps me is to sleep on my husband's side of the bed and on his pillow whenever he's gone.  I do this even if he's just gone on a short one week long relay flight.  But it still always seems to make me feel closer to him. 

     Good luck!  Welcome!  And keep us posted on the little things you find to help comfort yourself while your boyfriend is gone! 

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  • My BF is a retired disabled Marine Veteran (1/7 Baker Co, 2nd Force Recon). I have nothing but respect for the ladies that aren't with their hubbies due to deployment/bootcamp, etc. Just stay strong, write letters, send pictures...he is a hero! GL to him in bootcamp! It's tough from what I hear! He needs you and your support as you need him! Take care and GL to you too!


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  • My bf  was supposed to leave for boot camp March 6th, then March 26th, and now his newest date is April 16th. I feel like my emotions have been up and down for the past month as we get closer to him leaving and then everything changes again.

    We have a 16 month old and I know I will be busy chasing her when he is gone around and will just try and write as many letters as I can.

    I also am somewhat new to thebump. I opened my account back when i found out I was pregnant and only recently started coming back on it.

    Good luck with everything!

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