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What do your 3 or 4 y/o boys play with?

I am planning on hitting some yardsales to buy some toys to take on vacation with us.  DDs will be 4 and almost 2 but if I grab a few dolls, they will be covered.  There will be 2 boys (one 2 months over 4 and one 2 months over 3) there too though and besides a few cars and trucks, I don't know what else to look for.  We are going to the beach but already have sandtoys covered, just looking for toys to have at the condo.  TIA!
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Re: What do your 3 or 4 y/o boys play with?

  • Books, coloring books?  The things I was going to suggest wouldn't be too good for vacation (Thomas trains with wooden tracks), puzzles, etc. 
  • My son loves playing Candy Land, sorting cards and anything dino.
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  • Mine play with Duplos quite a bit (great vacation toy), plenty of cars, trucks and trains, coloring books, Color Wonders marker sets, PLAY-DOH (and lots of it!), bubbles, etc.
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