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Share your INDOOR activities!

With winter coming and so many of the SAHMs here on this board living in places that require them to stay indoors during the winter months, I'm sure we are all looking for easy, fun, indoor activities to do with our kid(s).

1. What are your favorite indoor activities (out and at home) and how old is your DC (so it's easy for other moms to assess whether your activity would be appropriate for their child)?

2. If this is your first winter as a SAHM what are you going to try/attempt to do this winter with your child/ren (give us all your great ideas!)?

Bonus: anyone looking forward to Winter?

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Re: Share your INDOOR activities!

  • Dancig, coloring, playing with outdoor toys in the garage (with the car outside), coloring on white boards, play dough, playing wii, short games of hide and seek, cutting with scissors, jumping over things and on pillows,
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  • DD is 18 mos and this will be our 2nd winter. However, I'm totally looking forward to winter because it's so hot here in the summer that we can't do much outdoors.

    Now that she is getting older, my new goal is to give her one new experience a week - and putting it on my planner so that it's official. I've bought a bunch of kids art/activity books to give me inspiration, plus I used to be a teacher (but of 6th grade).

    I'd like to have her start helping me in the kitchen, do at least one art project a week, introduce her to the glue stick, take her to a paint-it-yourself pottery place, introduce her to some musical instruments (she's getting the Band in a Box by Melissa & Doug for Christmas), paint her tiny little nails at least once because I know she'll love it, take a bunch of photos/videos one day and make a "day in the life" DVD for our families. I'm sure there are more, but I just love projects and keeping busy. Since it's finally cooling down here (still in the 80s!) we can finally start taking walks, which I'm really looking forward to.

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  • I use to nanny and building forts was always a huge hit! ?Also children love to help with baking, adding ingredients, stirring, etc.?
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  • 1. Emily is 2 yrs. 2mos. and I would say she loves her Music Together, Gymboree and Tumbling Classes the most! 

    A close second would be the play places we frequent that have ball pits, tumbling mats, slides/climbing structures, blocks, books, puzzles, train tables, water tables, music time and parachute time and an Art Room for drawing, painting and using play-doh. 

    While at home, making a water table out of my kitchen sink has proven MOST popular lately (I just fill one side up with warm, bubbly water and give her cups, bowls and bath toys)!  I also rotate her toys so it feels like she has something new to play with everyday.  Her CLIPO blocks and her Fisher Price Little People Farm House are big hits this week.  We also play chase, hide-n-seek and find the ball (I hide a ball around the house and give her clues where it is).  We read a TON of books, watch Playhouse Disney on TV, dance to music and have Tea Parties with the set her Gran bought her.  She also is really into her play kitchen right now.


    2. This is our third Winter but we live in San Francisco and it's really mild, we can always go ouside and run errands.  The only think that sucks is the Winter is also rainy season so, being wet is something I am not a fan of.  I'm going to attempt to have more play dates here at home for sure!

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