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Transverse Position at 24 Weeks?

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I went to the doctor this morning for my monthly check-up and Bean is measuring right on track!  The only hitch...he is totally transverse at 24 weeks and 1 day.  The doctor didn't seem overly worried and said there was still time for him to turn.  Obviously, I would prefer to have a vaginal birth over a c-section so it has me a little anxious.  Also, he is laying low in my abdomen.  The placenta is up and not low laying, but he is camping out down there pretty low.

Anyone else experience one or both of these?  How did it turn out? Thoughts?

Thanks so much! 


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Re: Transverse Position at 24 Weeks?

  • Definitely do not worry at all. They can move well into the 30-weeks!
  • irerirer member
    It is way too early to worry about this! I think DS flipped back and forth between breech/head down until like 36 weeks. 

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  • A lot of babies will wait until the last few weeks to turn. I would not worry too much!
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  • I had an elective ultrasound to get some good pics and video at 24 weeks and he was transverse.  I just had a medical ultrasound today (26 weeks) and he is head-down and facing my back so in two weeks he moved quite a bit.  I should have guessed that too because I have been feeling kicks near my ribs for the last few days.  My doctor said it was common for babies to move around a lot at this stage because they have a lot of space.  I'm sure he will move for you too :)
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  • DS was tranverse at 26 weeks, but it doesn't mean anything that early. Baby still has quite a bit of room and has no need to be preparing for labor that early.  Even if baby is still transverse at 37 weeks (which would likely have no correlation to the news at 24 or 26 weeks), there is lots you can do to encourage proper fetal positioning at home plus you can do the Webster technique with a chiro, you can elect an external cephalic version, and you can wait to go into labor on your own to see if early contractions motivate baby to turn. I had an uncommon, extreme pelvic ligament issue that encouraged DS to stay transverse, and we did choose to do a version at 37 weeks, but again that has nothing to do with what you see this early on.
  • DS was completely breach until 37 weeks - we went in for the version appointment and he had flipped to vertex.  Don't waste a second worrying!

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  • Mine is breech right now and the doctor is totally fine with that.  She said that babies can flip around at anytime and they typically don't worry about it until week 36.

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  • My baby is breech and laying very low.  The doctor didn't even mention it to me since it is not time to worry about that for awhile.  

  • My last baby was breech at every appointment until 36 weeks, when she finally turned head down.  I went for an induction at 38 weeks due to high blood pressure, and upon admission she was still head down.  At some point during labor, she turned again and was in the transverse position.  We were immediately taken for a c-section because I was 10 cm, and there is no way to vaginally deliver a transverse baby.

     I posted this because I learned it is clearly never to late for the baby to turn.  My doctor did say it was extremely unusual for a baby to turn during labor, but anything can happen.  I absolutely would not worry about baby's position at 24 weeks.

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  • Thanks ladies! I feel better already:) Glad to have ya'll!
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  • kg_08kg_08 member

    DD was transverse or breech my ENTIRE pregnancy until she finally went head down at 36 weeks.

    At 24 weeks I'm surprised your doctor would even mention anything about it.

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  • DS was head down at 28 weeks, breech at 33 weeks, and flipped head down around 35 weeks.  Like PP said, not very a very comfortable feeling when he flipped, but only lasted like 30 seconds.  I could see him flipping in my belly though - weird!
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