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I'm alone in Peru with J

My husband and M left tonight on a red-eye back to the States.  J and I have to stay behind until he has his visa, which will probably take at least another two weeks.

It's all fine, in that I'm completely comfortable here in terms of living everyday life.  I can take care of whatever needs to get done and we have several options of fun things to do to pass the down days.

I thought the only part that would be kinda hard (other than just missing them, of course) is how it's tough when my husband goes out of town for work.  You know, you just can't tag-team with someone when you are worn out, need a break, or something comes up.  There's no splitting chores. My husband usually does all the meal planning and cooking, which is huge.  He also takes care of bathtime, is great with logistics and plans ahead (so I don't have to think about a lot of minutia), spends lots of quality time with the kids, and in general helps me with anything that needs to get done.

But that's not it.  I know it's silly, but there's something about not just being free to leave here anytime I want that makes the separation seem so much more desperate and extreme.  It's near impossible to estimate when we'll be able to follow them home, because there are so many ways and reasons we can be delayed.  If I had a definite return date, I don't think I would feel this intensely.

I'm going to try to keep us busy so that the non-productive days pass quickly, but I just miss those two terribly already!

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  • I can't imagine how hard that would be! Especially after how long M and J had to wait to be reunited. They must be having a hard time with this too.

    Praying your wait for J's visa is short!! 

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  • I know it's tough, and you'll make it through, but remember, e's dealing with the same thin on the other side back home.  Just look at it as two weeks, plus or minus, of bonding time with J, that you wouldn't have if you were all together.  Enjoy your time in Peru with J, and it will be over in no time!
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  • Oh, they are totally having a rough time of it, too!  They have waited so long to get J back in their lives, and now had to leave us here.  I know how hard that is for them.  They'll miss us like crazy.

    But luckily, my husband will have lots of help at home.  Since he's usually already at work when I take M to school, our parents will be taking turns staying with them to help with whatever they can.  Also, M's nanny will still be working with him in the afternoons and his regular tutoring schedule will start right back up, so my husband will be able to not have to worry as much about the school work and such (he's been basically tutoring M for the entire time we've been here!).

    {Sarcasm font} I'll have it much rougher!  I have a sleeping kid, and am knotting/nesting on the couch while eating cake and drinking wine out of a measuring cup (don't ask)!

  • Also, just to brag on my husband, he totally made a last run to the store this evening for me, because he wanted to make sure we had everything we needed for the next few days.  He offered, and normally I would have told him that I would just take care of it, but since we needed water (we don't drink the tap water here), and I knew it would be heavy to carry a big box of it, I let him pamper me.  I think it made us both feel better.

  • I think you need to c/p this post and send it to your hubby :)  Mine is great like that too... but I often push him to even give more.  haha!!

    I totally get or I should say I can guess how hard it is.   There's something about being in a foreign country that probably adds to your reaction to being alone. 

    I've actually thought about what life would be like in a foreign country with one of my girls and I immediately have a feeling over anxiety.  Not bad... just anxious.  It makes me realize that my lifestyle, when abroad, is more alert and on task simply because it's not home. 

    Here's an upside... you only have you and J... so get lots of sleep when J sleeps :)  Seriously.  I miss that freedom to nap when one of my girls does because with two your needs are different.  So nap away, my friend! :)

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  • Hoping time will pass quickly, I know I miss my DH a ton when he's deployed and it's just me right now ( at least til May) I can only imagine adding a sibling as well. Hope you guys get to enjoy the extra bonding time and you get some needed rest as well.
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