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Induction, dysfuntional labor & C-section (long)

It's been a month since Natalie was born, and I still have a lot of emotions surrounding her arrival.  Writing her birth story gives me a chance to work them out...

- My 40-week check up began with the nurse checking my blood pressure.  She made a face and said, "Let's try that again."  That's when I knew something just wasn't quite right.  My BP had hit 190/47.  I wasn't  dilated and the baby had not dropped any further than -2 station.  B/c of my blood pressure the CNM ordered a non-stress test for that afternoon.  During my NST a few hours later, my blood pressure remained high.  They ordered another NST for the following afternoon (a Saturday) and took me off work until after I had a baby.
- The next day's NST revealed contiued elevated BP.  They told my husband and I to go home, have a light supper and grab a shower.  I was to return in 2 hours to begin an induction.
-  I'm officially admitted to the hospital about 8:00 pm and they place a Foley bulb around 10:30, with the intent to dilate me to about 4-5 cm.  It was so uncomfortable!  They told me it could stay in up to 6 hours to complete the process, but it only took 2.5 hours.  When the bulb came out, the gave me an Ambien to get a decent nights sleep and sent H home to do the same.
-  I woke up about 3:30 a.m. to go to the bathroom and at that time, my water broke.  They didn't tell me at that time, but there was meconium in my fluid.  I tried to go back to sleep, but I was an emotional mess and never quite made it.  H returned to the hospital about 7:30 am.  I had had a few contractions, but only minor (felt like strong BH) and never more than 7 minutes apart.
-  Around 10:00 they started pitocin. Contractions became very painful, but never regular. Some came about 3 minutes apart, but most were much farther.  With each contraction, Natalie's heartrate came down, but went back up.  The midwife told me, "It looks like this baby just doesn't like labor."
  -I gave in and got an epidural around noon and they increased my pitocin.  The anestesiolgist (sp?) was great, but I yelled at him that I didn't understand what "Push your back out, but don't lean forward" meant.  Had he said, "slouch your shoulders" in the first place, we wouldn't have had that argument!  As the contracitons got stronger, they had me lay on my side and eventually gave my oxygen.  Natalie's heart rate was coming down into the 50s and not rebounding quickly enough... At the time, I could see her heartrate on the monitor but was so out of it from exhaustion, I did not realize what a big deal this was.  Then II remember laying there, having lots of staff rush around and them tell me we needed to do a C-section NOW.  Her heartrate was in the 40s. Then they said to me, "The pediatrician is going to have to decide if your husband can be in the OR with you," I've never felt such a panic or fear in my life
-  They pushed me over to the OR and when they put me over onto the operating table, I could feel the catheter and I could begin feeling the top of my abdomen tighten with each contraction.  I began to panic, thinking if I could feel that what else would I feel?  When they began the surgery, I felt SO MUCH PRESSURE - it was really painful.  I also knew what the pressure was that I was feeling (separation of abd muscles, cutting open organs), and I continued to panic.They gave me so much medication I was shaking and the room was spinning. 
- After what felt like forever, they told me husband to stand up to see his daughter being born.  They whisked her over to the warmer and it felt like the whole room stopped until she cried.  I heard them tell my husband to come cut the cord.  I then remember them being so concerned about her that it felt like another forever until I could see her.  When they brought her over to my face,  I could see how blue her eyes were, but the room was spinning because of all the medication.
- Unfortunately, I honestly don't remember the next time I saw Natalie and I know it was when we attempted to BF the first time... but that breaks my heart that I don't remember that moment.  I guess it just seems like she's always been here.
- They then told me that Natalie was a face/brown presentation and she wouldn't have survived had they not performed a C-section when they did.  Because of her position, the C-section required more pressure and pulling than normal.  
-  I was always worried about the possibiliy of a C-section, because it made me scared that I wouldn't feel like I actually birthed my child - that we'd never have that connection with her.  Now that she's here, I know that's a ridiculous thought.  We went through so much together before she even arrived - I fought for my daughter and I love her in a way I honestly never thought I could.

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Re: Induction, dysfuntional labor & C-section (long)

  • Wow, I'm glad everything turned out well after everything that happened. Congrats on your baby girl!
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  • First, congratulations on your little girl! She's beautiful!

     But I am sorry you had a hard birth experience. My labor and delivery was extremely similar, and for the first few months after E was born I was SO sad about how things went. But as time has gone on, and my hormones have slowed down :), it has gotten better.

    And you are right, the love for our LO's is more than anyone can ever tell you before hand.


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  • What a roller coaster of emotions! I am so glad everything turned out well for you and your beautiful baby! Congrats!


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