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Can I get paid to care for my sick baby?????

I heard there is a program I may qualify for by the state that I can stay home to care for my child which is sick. The state pays me to technically be my sons nurse and care for him. He is a one month old preemie and will be on dialysis 10 hrs a day for 3 years until he gets his kidney transplant. And he will be going to the Dr 4 times a month and seeing specialist. I don't want some stranger watching and caring for him, plus I know I'll loose my job with needing to care for him and all the appointments. Has anyone heard of this program in CA or is currently on it? Help please......

Re: Can I get paid to care for my sick baby?????

  • Yep!  It's called In Home Support Services  (IHSS) and it's through Medi-Cal.  They pay about $10/hr and they will determine how many hours you qualify for.  There are other programs also that will pay for respite care - a few hours a month so you can get out and do the things you need to do - but you have to pay another care giver that money.  Ours is through Hope.

    It took them a few months to get ours approved so it is not a quick process.  Get the ball rolling ASAP!  Not many social workers know about this program so keep pushing if they tell you they can't help you.  


  • Thank you so much. My aunt just called me which is a nurse and she said I can also collect social security on my baby too. So I'm going to look into that too.
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  • I was just wondering this myself, although I know we won't qualify...  Our circumstances have just changed and I will become a SAHM b/c our child does have special needs and my DH and I feel very overwhelmed with the feeling of a turbulent few years ahead.  Mommy staying home will help... so we are stepping out in faith and believing God to move these financial mountains.  So much easier said than done though.


    I really had just wanted to say that your little precious miracle is so beautiful!!!

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