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Middle Name for Ruby

Hello All!

We want your 2 cents!

What middle name do you like with 


(her sister's name is Lucille "Lucy" Grace Mountain).


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Re: Middle Name for Ruby

  • Love Ruby and Lucy - two of my fav songs too ;)

    Lets see....
    Ruby Dawn Mountain
    Ruby Lee        "
    Ruby Olivia      "
    Ruby Joyce     "
    Ruby Lauren    "
    Ruby Hope      "
    Ruby Adlyn      "
    Ruby Adrienne  "
    Ruby Loretta     "
    Ruby Erica       "

    those were just some that popped into my head.
    Good luck!

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  • Elaine popped into my head immediately.

    Maren, Lorraine, Lisette, Colette, Noelle 

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  • image cookies+milk:

    Maren, Colette

    I love C+M's suggestions of Maren and Colette!


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  • My niece is Ruby Jane.
    Our sweet girl is 3!

    Lilypie - (R7Ux)

  • I went to school with a Ruby Winsome. I don't even know if Winsome is a real name, but it sounded really pretty together.
  • Ruby Jean
    Ruby Marie
    Ruby Louise
    Ruby Jane
    Ruby Joan
    Ruby Blaire
    Ruby Hope
    Ruby Noel
    Ruby Faith

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  • Ruby Jane

    I feel like whatever you pick, it should match the spunky-ness of Ruby.  It's a great name, I wish I could use it!

    DS1 age 7, DD age 5 and DS2 born 4/3/12
  • I love the suggestion of Ruby Jane!

    Ruby Stella

    Ruby Margaret

    Ruby Claire

    Ruby Elisabeth

    Ruby Victoria

    Ruby Charlotte

    Ruby Georgia

    Ruby Pearl

    Ruby Helen/Helena


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  • Claire.
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  • I've always liked Ruby Piper or Ruby Miranda.

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  • Wait, your last name is Mountain?  How cool is that??

     I also like Ruby Jane, or Ruby June. 

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