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BFing on Buspar?

Does anyone know if it's safe to BF while on Buspar?  My doctor says it is but I am still concerned because he also told me it was safe to take something else and when I looked it up, it wasn't.

 Thanks for your help.

Re: BFing on Buspar?

  • Trust your doctor!
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  • I don't know about Buspar, but I'd go with your doctor unless he was totally and unequivocally wrong before. There's reports that anti-depressants are bad at anytime to a child or fetus, and there's reports that the same ones are just fine. It all depends on whose doing the report, how many cases they studied, and what the information REALLY means. Trace amounts are likely to not cause harm, we just don't know enough yet.
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  • When I asked lactation about Buspar they said it was an L-3 drug (L-1 being the least exposure, L-5 the most). There are supposed to be better choices. I don't knw if that helps.  The dosage probably has something to do with it, too. 

    Hope this helps... 

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  • While I was on BuSpar when I got pregnant I stopped taking it at 5 weeks. I did get PPD and started Zoloft but I am holding off on restarting BuSpar until I stop breastfeeding. I heard that anti-anxiety drugs are not as well researched for breastfeeding mothers as anti-depression medications.
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