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Can I join you all?

I would have never thought I would still be at this point of TTC after this amount of time.

A little history. I am 38 (will be 39 this year) and DH is 32. We've been TTC since January 2011 and have had 3 losses. After the last loss I've started seeing a RE and have had a number of tests performed. I've has the RLP, HSG, OHS and chromosomal testing for DH and I. They have found I have a MTHFR abnormality but everything else has looked good. I've started taking additional folic acid everyday and baby aspirin every other day.

The RE has presented us with a few options. We can continue to try to get pg on our own and hope that if the reason for the m/c's was the MTHFR and that the extra folic acid and baby aspirin help. Or we can look at IVF and embryo testing or clomid and IUI. DH and I have done a ton of thinking and right now IVF isn't an option for financial reasons so I'm going to talk to the RE about meds and IUI next month.

I'm sorry any of us have to be here but am hoping to get to know you all better. 

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Re: Can I join you all?

  • Welcome.  I'm sorry you find yourself here.  Best of luck with deciding the path that best for you.

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  • Hey Jinxy. I'm sorry that you're here, but welcome.
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  • I'm sorry to see you here, but welcome.  (((hugs)))
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  • I'm also new to 6+, but still want to pass along a welcome. I'm sorry we have to find each other here, but I look forward to getting to know you better.
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  • Welcome, good luck with your IUI.


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  • imagewickedsugar:
    Umm I don't really know you, but Welcome..

    Well let's see. I started posting on TTCAL after my second loss at almost 9 weeks. I was devastated and no one close to me had been through this so I found support there. A few months later I found myself pg and moved onto PgAL. A short 8 weeks later I sadly found myself back on TTCAL. The ladies were so kind and welcomed me back with open arms. And now here I am faced with decisions I never imagined having to make. I have learned quite a bit from the other ladies experiences which has been very's most helpful to know I am not alone.

    I do not tend to initiate many posts myself however I try to support everyone as best I can. 

    What else would you like to know?

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  • Welcome, I'm sorry you have to be here. 
  • Welcome to 6+, I'm sorry you have to be here.  GL with your treatments!

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  • Welcome, and I hope you are able to come make out a great plan with your RE!
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  • Welcome. I am so sorry you have to be here.

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