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Hi ladies, 

I'm new to this military board!! I'm pregnant and my husband is scheduled to deploy shortly after the baby is born like within the same month.  I'm new pregnant with first child and the deployment is still months away but I'm stressing over being home alone with the baby and trying to still do my real estate.  

I know military families deal with deployment all the time and raising kids alone...just was looking for some input on how people get through it....its not the first deployment but its different when you have to take care of someone besides yourself :) 

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  • I can not stress how important it is to have a support system.  Have people who you trust who you can call on when you need help or a baby sitter.  My friends and I rely on each other very much.  We have days when I go to a friend"s house to help her clean. She'll come over the next week to help me.  We rotate houses every week for a weekly dinner. The host fixes the entree or meat.  The other ladies coming bring a side, dessert or drinks.  It really helps to have that time with other ladies and also to not worry about a full meal that day.

    Have an outlet for you.  Do you like to read, sew, scrapbook?  Having a hobby helps keep your focus on something else, but also gives you an outlet.

    Plan one thing that is just for you every week.  Maybe a lunch date with friends.  Maybe a mani/pedi.  Just do something for you. 

    Once a week, plan something big.  Girl's night out, a road trip, whatever.  Doing those things will keep you focused on smaller time frames and not the bigger picture. 

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