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2nd Trimester

Baby Moving?

What does it feel like and when did it happen to you?
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Re: Baby Moving?

  • Me and my husband felt it for the first time at 21 weeks 5 days! FTM, if we put our hands on my stomach it felt like there was pressure in that area (the kicks).  Prior to that, I couldn't tell for sure that the flutters they talk about was the baby.  But I think once you feel it, you will know.
  • Like pop corn popping inside.  Lots of little pops in my lower belly. 
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  • I felt it for the first time several weeks ago. DH hasn't been able to feel it yet though. At first, I didn't know if it was baby moving, since this is our first and I had no idea what to expect. After explaining it to a few people they all agreed that it sure is.

    The best way I can describe it is like little bubbles bursting in your belly or like a little scratching sensation, but from inside. It's different than gas, indigestion or hunger pains. Some have also said that's it's more likely you'll feel it when you're resting, for two reasons:1. when you're moving around your body movements can rock baby to sleep, and 2. you're more likely to notice when you're not consumed doing other things.

    Hope this helps :)



  • With my DS it felt like little bubbles popping, and I don't think I realized what it was until 18-20 weeks. I never felt the "flutters." But then when I could feel it kick from the outside was later. And DH didn't feel anything until about 32 weeks, everytime he'd put his hand on my belly and try to catch him, he'd stop moving.
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    Like pop corn popping inside.  Lots of little pops in my lower belly. 

    I was going to say the exact same thing. Just like poping corn. Such a wonderful feeling! :)



  • Do you ever get a muscle in your eye-lid? It just randomly starts twitching and it kind of tickles, only lasts for a couple minutes.  It kind of feels like that.

    Popcorn popping is also another good description, just a light internal popping feeling.  As the baby grows the feeling gets a lot stronger.  In the 3rd trimester you will be minding your own business and then something that feels like a foot or elbow pops out of your side, you can push on it and it's trippy.

    Another one that's interesting to feel are hiccups.

  • For me it feels like different from my other 3 pregnancies. the twins are positioned like they're in bunk beds. So the top baby pushes against my belly button and the bottom bunk kicks my hip area.  But the first strong kick you'll know right away. Big Smile I started feeling things about 2 weeks ago.
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  • Mine felt like that gurgling feeling you get before you have diarrhea. But without the diarrhea. :)
  • I think it was 17-18 weeks, and it was random very mild kicks. But they were few and far between. I never felt the flutters that people talk about. This kid went straight to kicking. Only recently has it become more pronounced and I'm feeling rolling now at times.
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  • I am so glad to hear that because I am at 19 weeks and I have had only a few very mild, some what questionable sensations that could be "flutters" I was worried that something might be wrong.
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