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Song for children's slideshow?

We have a student in my preschool class who is leaving and I put together a slideshow of all the children in our class for her to take. Any suggestions of an age appropriate song I could use?


Re: Song for children's slideshow?

  • I'm making a DVD for my DD right now, which I do every 3 mos. One of the themes I've done is songs from children's shows (Mr. Rogers, Sesame St., Muppets, etc.). I just look them up on iTunes. It's hard to find the "real" versions of some of the songs, and the ones sung by other people just don't sound right, so I often do the karaoke version because at least the music is right and everyone can fill in the words themselves.

    I've also done Disney songs (the real versions are all on iTunes), the Jack Johnson soundtrack to the Curious George movie, and songs from movies like Mary Poppins, the Charlie Brown soundtrack (piano jazz) or Hawaiian music by Israel (his last name is really long and starts with a K, but one of his songs is called "Alone is Iz World," I'm sure it's on iTunes).


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