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We are moving to Eglin this summer and trying to gather info.  Anyone with recommendations on specific areas to live?

We do not want to live on base and prefer urban areas over suburban sprawls. I know the area is not a bustling metropolis but hate living amongst a sea of strip malls.  I have already researched grocery stores and happy to find a Fresh Market in Destin.  I have not found much info on any farmers markets...but hoping they exist!

Totally willing to sacrifice square footage for a better location.  Any input on the area?  TIA

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Re: Eglin AFB

  • Check out the webiste 


    It has current reviews of bases all over the world from people who have been there. 

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  • Eglin is great!  DS was there until we got married and PCSd to Texas.  I don't really think there is anywhere really considered urban around the base.  Destin is super crowded during tourist season, so I wouldn't like to live there.  DS lived in Niceville/Bluewater Bay.  It seemed like a really great place for families.  I don't really have any more specific information than that, sorry.  I am jealous though!
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  • We are at Eglin right now I like the base but not the area as we are from Portland Oregon and its a really different world here. Destin is expensive and horrible traffic. If you live in Fort Walton Beach you have easy access to Destin but cheaper rent and closer to base. Avoid Crestview and Navarre the small town feel and the drive to base will suck. I believe there is a Farmers Market in Fort Walton Beach. We live in a townhome try to avoid apartments they are either priced to high or nasty. Houses are hard to find with E4 BAH for us. Townhomes are the way to go and yes cut down on the sqft to get a nice place because nice places are hard to come by here. Avoid base housing at all costs!!!

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