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Postpartum Depression

Does anyone worry...

That PPD/PPA may have harmed the bond/relationship between you and your child.  This is one of my biggest anxieties.  I love my daughter more than anything, but sometimes I wonder if my PPD/PPA may have made her feel differently.  I try to stomp this negative thought out of my mind, but at times it's a neverending cycle of worry.

Re: Does anyone worry...

  • All the time. 

    Sometimes I literally have to tell myself to shut up.

    Mama of 2: one who grew in my womb, both who grow in my heart.
  • Yes I do all the time. I have two little girls, that I love so very much. I love when my baby smiles and laughs, and my oldest daughter, but then there are times I just don't want to be bothered anymore. But I have no choice, because I have to be their mother. I hope things get better for you soon! XOXO
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