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Intro and please help :)

I have posted a few questions in the past for all of you and the advice was amazing. My pregnancy sucked for the most part. Early bleeding (I mean gushing) for about 8 weeks off and on, UTI's, crazy BH, PTL stopped 2x, Procardia, Pre-e scare, then on BR because of a bad growth scan showing arms/legs on the short side. The worst was we had zero real answers to any of it.

After one week of bedrest my water broke Sunday morning 2.26. I was 36+5, so almost made it to "full term". She was born a quick 7 hours later weighing 5lb7oz and scored 10's on her apgar. We were released together, her weight was still over 5lb which was what they were looking for.

I am (trying to) BF, but she is on Dr's orders we supplement with Similac Neosure 22. I am allowed to "try" to BF for 15 min. If she latches and goes for it, she is allowed to nurse for 20 as long as its not a fight. I guess fight = loss of calories, more burned than go in.

So, she has gotten about 20ml of Colostrum, 40ml of BM, and has successfully latched only once. Got about 6 min out of each side. 

First question is about poopie diapers. She has not had once since we left the hospital 24 hours ago. I know with BF babies this would be bad, but she has not had much BM at all. When would you call the ped? She has her first appt tomorrow morning at 10:45. Do I just wait?

Second. Do I "try" each feeding, then give her BM I have pumped + Neosure if the BM is not enough, or would you suggest just pumping until she has put on some weight and every ml vs energy spent is not so precious? I feel like latch, BM bottle, F bottle is just so much going on...

Thank you all so much. I feel like a chicken with my head cut off here so I apologize if this sounds like a giant clusterf*ck!!

Here is the little peanut :)


Re: Intro and please help :)

  • I wouldn't be too concerned about the lack of poop.  It will come -- trust me Smile  It's normal for a BF baby to go a couple of days without a dirty diaper.

    I EP for my boys and I know how difficult it is to pump and feed.  Do you have a hand free pumping bra?  If so, try pumping while your bottle feeding her.  If not, get one.  It will be a life saver.  You can make your own by cutting slits in an old sports bra.

    As for the extra calories -- are you giving her bottles of 22 calorie Neosure each day?  Or are you using Neosure to fortify your BM to 22 calories.  Either way, I would just fortify your BM for the extra calories.  Here's a "recipe":

    As far as latching, I was never able to EBF my boys. But I used a nipple shield for a while with one of them and it really helped.  Do you have a LC you can contact?  Most of them will let you schedule an appt and will help you with latch issues, how to keep baby awake, etc.  Additionally, they can do a pre and post BF weight so you can see just how much she's taking in.

     Good luck and keep us posted! 

  • Lily! 

    I don't have a ton of advice as I am a new preemie mom myself! I just wanted to say congrats and I am glad you and your LO are home :-)

    I think we had the same EDD didn't we? March 19th?

    My experience with my 34 weeker is I tried to get her to bf a few times while she was in the NICU for the week after she was born. For me personally, and for her, it was too stressfull. Her breathing would get very labored, and she would have periods of not even trying to eat from a bottle after I had spent time trying to get her to bf. I decided it was more important for me that she eat, period, without stress and exerting extra energy and calories, regardless of how she ate - so I just continued to EP and give her breastmilk in a bottle. We were also fortifying with the Neosure, which I stopped this week because it was making her so gassy and miserable.

    I am not suggesting that you give up trying at all, this is just the personal decision I made. I hope you find what works for you! Good luck and congrats again! 



  • Congrats on your lil girl love her lil smile <: I don't have any answers for you as my kids were born Friday at 34w2d and in the NICU for a lil bit but remember you from hopping on the March board sometimes! I'm so glad she got to come home with you <:
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  • Congrats on your baby!

    For the pooping, I really wouldn't worry about that, but if you are concerned, then call your pedi (that's what they are there for!) My baby hardly pooped at all her first few weeks home. We would have to manually stimulate her every few days to get it going.

    I was told by my lactation consultants to put to the breast as often as possible. I would try to BF and then give the bottle. You can mix the BM and formula, or alternate feedings with each. If I was too tired or she was too hungry, then I would skip straight to the bottle.

    Good luck, you'll do great! 

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  • If she's making wet diapers I wouldn't worry about the poops too much right now. The feeding thing is so hard- sometimes these plans sound so crazy. Many preemie mom's on our board do exclusively pump- it's not for the faint of heart though, it's a lot of work. I'm lucky that my little guy has always done well at the breast, but we got a lot of help. I had an LC working with us in the hospital and then got more private help once he was home. I was determined and luckily he took to it :o)

    So if you're committed to BF for a long time I would work with a LC to try to get the baby latching correctly and maybe ask about a nipple shield- it helps them get better traction in their latch and can make them more efficient. In the meantime, I would try to put her to the breast as often as you can- but pumping and feeding sometimes may give you both a needed break. Hang in there!

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  • Hey Lily! I have no advice but just wanted to let you know I'm in the same boat. My little Olivia was born 2.21.12 at 36w 5 days. I have been struggling to BF and it's been heart breaking, this is my 1st time back on the bump since she was she born. Anyways congrats momma I hope everything works out for you.

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  • Congratulations on your adorable little girl!!  And good job keeping her in so long.  Sounds like you've had it rough through your pregnancy.  I unfortunately don't have any advice for you but I sure hope everything starts clicking for you guys soon.
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  • Thank you for all the replies! We went to the ped on Thursday. She is not back to birth weight, but is up from leaving the hospital. I have been pumping like crazy and we are supplementing with the NesSure for a while longer. I either mix (if I don't have enough pumped), or we alternate BM and Neosure. Seems to be working well. I have found formula at night keeps her more satisfied :)

    The poop came Thursday after the Dr. And boy did it come. She had poopie diapers for almost 12 hours. Seems to be more regular now.

    I am finally getting enough BM that I think I am going to have to start freezing it. I'm sure it will be a challenge, but for now, pumping really doesn't bother me. To go 5 minutes past "empty" takes 15-20 min and I'm getting about 1.5oz.

    Well... Time to feed the peanut and then "cow it up"!

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