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Breast pump recommendations

I'm in my third trimester with my second baby and am need of buying a breast pump.  For my first baby I used the Lansinoh pump, but don't still have that one.  What pump(s) do you recommend for a mom that will be working full-time (40 hrs+/week)?  I always hear that the Medela recommended but it is expensive.  Thanks for your help!

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  • medela PISA

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  • You might try and check with your insurance about them paying for one. I had no idea about this until I went to a WIC appointment and they told me about it. The one that my insurance would cover is the Medela hospital grade pump. GL
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  • I used a Medela pump that I rented from a local lactation consultant services.  I found that a more cost effective option than buying one.
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  • medela PISA. definitely worth the investment. and a hands-free bra.
  • Another rave for Medella. For me, it was much more cost effective to buy verses rent
  • I tried a Medela PIS and the Medela Symphony.  I ended up buying the Lansinoh Affinity and I love it.  I ep so it gets tons of use and it's holding up great.  I have had a better supply since I got it too so it's been more effective for me despite replacing the membranes and such on the Medelas.  I know so many people buy the Medela ones but I've been extremely happy with mine.
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  • I'm EP again (by choice) and used a rental Lactina rental with our first, then purchased a PIS for pumping for DS and proceeded to get two cases of mastitis and supply issues in spite of replacing my membranes out frequently...  Eventually I hit a point that the pump needed to be replaced because I never felt like I could empty.  Had I not been able to find a Lactina I would have ended up purchasing a Hygeia pump instead of a Medela as they are cheaper, have a far better warranty, are a closed system, and overall have a stronger motor than the Medela pumps and are virtually identical.
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  • Thank you for the recommendations! 
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