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Anyone surprised by how much LO eats??

Seriously, my 11 mo old eats an appalling amount of food.  I watch and think, "Wow, I'd be full by now."  I'm not necessarily worried, just kind of baffled.  I'm not sure where he puts it all...

For example, tonight he ate mum mums in the car on the way home.  Then he ate some shredded chicken and cheese (maybe less made it into his mouth than I thought), a few peas, puffs, a container of applesauce, part of a graham cracker and a container of yobaby yogurt.  Then he had a few ounces of formula before he fell asleep.  

This was was after eating all day at day care.  I don't have the sheet in front of me (he eats from their menu) but it included yogurt, a pancake, part of a piece of pizza, peas and carrots, graham crackers....more than I ate today I'm pretty sure.

That's a lot, right? 


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Re: Anyone surprised by how much LO eats??

  • My daughter eats a lot--especially because she is really little too! She isn't fond of finger foods, but daily she eats about 28 oz of formula, a tiny bowl of cheerios, yogurt, oatmeal and 2-3 jars of food. She also snacks on other things during the day. Today she had toast and a few bites of a waffle as well. 

    I am amazed because she is tiny--so who knows where the food goes :)  

    My daughter is my hero.
  • image melpatbat:
    DS is a pig too.  He ate 7 matzah balls last night for dinner and tonight he ate more lasagna than I did.  I'm not worried either, I just put the food in front of him and let him choose what he wants.  When he starts throwing it on the floor meal time is over.

    Yep! Sometimes I wonder if she is eating too much, but she seem sto know when she's done, so I try not to worry about it.

    She gets 28 oz of formula a day plus...

    8 a.m.- 1/2 piece of toast, 1/2 banana

    12 p.m.- 3 oz meat, 2 oz veggie, 2 oz of fruit or a few crackers

    4 p.m.- Cheerios, yogurt melts

    5:30 p.m.- 3 oz meat, 2 oz veggies, 2 oz of something else (veggie, fruit, rice, pasta etc...)

    Those servings are what I offer her. She doesn't eat everything I put in front of her. Like the PP said, once she starts throwing it on the floor, I know she is done. :)

    Our sweet girl is 3!

    Lilypie - (R7Ux)

  • DD has slowed down at home lately- pretty much since she started daycare a couple weeks ago, so I'm thinking she eats a lot at day care- but she used to be such a pig! She would crush an entire 2 egg omelet or an entire piece of lasagna. I just offer and she turns her head, starts rubbing food all over her place mat, or shakes her hands and says ah-da (all done) when she's done.


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  • This is our schedule:

    6 am nurse

    8am 3oz of oatmeal with fruit

    9-10am 5 oz of BM from sippy

    12pm nurse

    12:30pm normally 1/2 pb sandwich, 1/4 fruit, and some cheese cubes or yogurt

    2-3pm 5 oz of BM from sippy and 1/2 cup of snacks (yogurt melts, puffs, raisins, etc)

    5pm nurse

    6pm probably a cups worth of whatever we are having plus cottage cheese

    7:30pm nurse

    around 3-4 am nurse

    I think it is an insane amount of food but she is extremely active. If we are having something that she really likes then she tends to put away more than me.

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  • Yes, DS is an eater. They even comment on it at daycare and they see a lot of babies so he is an above average in the packing it away department. Yet we are alas still in the 5th percentile every appointment. I am hoping someday we can harness the secret to his metabolism, bottle it and make us millionaires =P
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    The bumpie formerly known as First Time in MI
  • not surprised because when i was pregnant i was so hungry i at 6 full meals a day and a 4am snack.  DD eats 6 jars of baby food a day and 18oz of formula in bottle, also snacking on puffs and my oatmeal when i eat breakfast.
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  • Chase ate for breakfast today:

    7 TBSP of oatmeal mixed with apple carrot juice and a 1/2 container of prunes

    whole container of blueberry yogurt

    1/2 a stage 3 jar of fruit

    whole scrambled egg

    piece of cheese

    2 mini pancakes

    some watermelon

    1/2 sippy of milk.

    And that was just breakfast....


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  • He cat eat an entire chicken leg, half a sweet potatoe (could probably eat the entire thing but I only give half) and half a jar of puree.  It's insane.  AND he would eat more if I let him!


  • DS is a big time eater too. And he loves strange things- tomatoes, peas and green peppers. I read somewhere that a one year old needs the same calories as an adult with how they grow. That seems a little bit much to me, but DS eats like a champ.
  • She eats a ton!  And I know exactly where it goes.  She's grown into a size 2T lately.  She is the tallest 11 month old ever!
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