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Toddler co-sleeping but not bed sharing?

I haven't been on here in a while but was hoping to get some advice.  We're working on having my son sleep in his own bed with some mixed success.  As we have a new one coming in the next month, I am really trying to wean him off of being in the bed with us as I'd prefer the bed to be for us and the new baby only due to safety.  Someone suggested that I put a bed in our room for our toddler in case he wakes at night and wants to come in to be near us. 

So my question is, what would you use as his bed?  We already have a toddler bed for him in his room and have to get a new crib mattress for the baby (who I think will nap in their crib) so I hate to keep buying more mattresses but also don't want to put him on something uncomfortable (like a crappy cot).  Any recommendations?

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Re: Toddler co-sleeping but not bed sharing?

  • What about sidecarring the crib for baby like this--


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  • Well, we have a co-sleeper that we'll use in the very beginning but if this one is like the toddler, s/he'll end up in bed with us for nursing once they're a little older and less fragile.  So it could work in the beginning but I am thinking 2 mos down the road, the baby and toddler would both end up being in bed.  I truly prefer the toddler out of bed but sleep training + ear infections = nighttime hell for us so not sure what else to do...
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  • I would try a floor bed.  you could use a twin mattress or a crib mattress.  That way he is close, but might not feel like he is being kicked out of the room because of the new baby.
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  • My DS slept on his toddler bed, in our room, until he was almost 5yrs old.  When we started, he would wake up during the night and crawl into bed with me.  After a couple weeks, when he crawled into my bed, I would wisper that he needed to sleep in his bed and tuck him back in.  It took a little while, but he eventually learned to stay in his toddler bed (unless he was sick, of course) and it worked well for us.

    About a month before his 5th bday we got him a cool new bed and put it in his new "big boy" room.  He loved it, but it did take a bit of reassuring for a couple weeks, before he felt totally comfortable being in a different room.

    So maybe just put the toddler bed you already have, in your room, and work on having him sleep in it through the night, there first.  Once he's used to sleeping in his toddler bed all night for awhile, then the transition to his own room may go a little smoother.


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  • Can you just put the baby in the co-sleeper for naps for a few weeks and use the crib mattress for your toddler?
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