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Inside Story Ultrasound

Has anyone had an elective ultrasound done here? Was the facility nice? And how was your overall experience? We have an appt on Saturday to find out the gender of this new LO!!

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  • The building is not very nice but the office where they do the ultrasound is pretty good. I liked my experience there and would go back.
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  • I did my gender reveal therea t 16 weeks and am going back for 4D this Sunday. I loved them. As the previous responder said, the building is just a plain office building, but the actual room they do the ultrasound in is very nice, there is a big screen and you are permitted to bring up to 8 people, which there is plenty of room for. It was a great experence and I highly recommend them.

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  • Thanks for the responses guys! Now I'm even more excited if that's possible!
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