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Those with super fussy or colicky babies.....

Are your SOs having a hard time?  Our DS has had lots of tummy issues, but on top of it, he's also colicky.  Obviously I'm home with him during the day right now, and I know that it's crabby all the time.  However, his worse at night when my husband is home.  So my husband is starting to get frustrated because the only time he's with DS, he's at his worst.  I've tried assuring him that DS is like this for me too and also during the day.  I'm just not sure how to boost SO's esteem/feelings/etc. 

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Re: Those with super fussy or colicky babies.....

  • I am going thru the same thing. I am home all day with DD and she is a little crabby but the night is the worst. I feel bad for DH because the only time he gets with DD is when she is at her worst. She is on Axid for reflux, i give her gas drops, burp her, bicycle her legs. Nothing helps. Luckily DH is understanding, but it is very frustrating. I am hoping for a miracle. I keep telling myself it will get better!!
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  • Same here and I can see DH gets frustrated but he is very positive and tries everything to get him smiley and happy. If anything he handles DS fussiness way better than I do. I have low patience so this has been quite a wake up call for me

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  • I think the best you can do is to help him see that its nothing personal - the baby isnt being extra fussy just for him!
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  • Glad I'm not the only one!!  I keep trying to tell him it's not just him.  I mean, he sees that at night, the baby is fussy for me too!  But I'd probably feel the same way if the baby screamed non-stop every time I picked him up or had to take care of him. 
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