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Birthday party favors?

Ok ladies I'm needing some help. I need some ideas for Mallorys first birthday party favors. There will only be 6 kids there. Ages 12, 10, 6, 6, 3, 18months... For the adults we're doing zebra cookies.





Re: Birthday party favors?

  • lol at your sig. 85 weeks, youch.

    We have about eight kids under 10 coming, most of them are 1-1.5-year-olds from DD's playgroup. I wasn't planning on doing favors but MIL offered to take care of it. For kids, she's making a little goodie bag with a puzzle or book in each plus a couple little party favors; those blowout things, a little paddle-with-ball toy. 

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  • Yeah I'm not really sure how to change my sig??


    Yeah I was planning on doing a small goodie bag for the kiddios. But wasn't sure what items to put in there... I didn't think about the little favors. Thanks



  • I was thinking bubbles, animal crackers, crayons, coloring books. Probably a few more little things.
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  • I've got crayons so far. Bubbles good idea!




  • We did cups, goldfish gramh crackers, and books for the little kids.  I had 3 older girls 7,8 and 9 and I added scented nailpolish to their bags.

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  • I've always done little goodie bags with bubbles, stickers, candy, etc. for my older daughter's parties.  However, for DD2's party, I found these on Etsy and I love them.  The seller has been so great to work with!

    The seller is making mine to match the plates and things that I am using.  If you look at her feedback, you can see lots of ones that she has done. 

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  • I guess I am pretty boring, I was just doing a little mesh baggie of jelly beans to match the colors of her party for everyone (kids and adults).

  • We will have about 20 kids attending from 1year-16years. I am doing a mix of toys, rubber balls and bath tub toys for the little ones. The older ones will get other little toys, candy, chips and a juice in their bags.
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  • I found some cute plastic water bottles that matched the theme I like. I'm making tags for them with each person's name. It saves us on having to buy bottles of water or soda for each person and they can take it home with them.
  • I am on kid #3 and I will say I hate party favors.  I just give one thing that they can use depending on the theme instead of a bag of stuff that the parent throws out ;)    Like a beach bucket with a shovel.  Sometimes books.  Or as they got older reusable water bottles.  You get the point!

     Did want to say, my 9 month old is a Mallory too :)


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  • I've thought about all the "junk" kids get in favor bags. And I wouldn't want to spend all that money on it just to get thrown away. Thanks


    Love the name Mallory!!!

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