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TTC After a Loss

~Mrs Carbo~

Thank you so much for all of your detailed info about your skin care regimen! It's good to know I'm not the only one who has struggled with this for years. 
"Bunny" EDD 6/21/12; Natural m/c 11/4/11 7wks1day

Thank you for changing our lives forever.

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TTC since August 2010

CD3 bloodwork= normal, CD21 bloodwork= low P4 (7.2), SA= normal

Diagnosis= LPD

Clomid 50mg + HcG Trigger+ Prometrium = BFP!!!!!!!!

Beta #1= 53 @ 12dpo, Beta #2= 188, P4= 53

8/28/12 u/s showing one perfect little babe measuring 6wks5days, hb 121bpm!!!!

IT'S A GIRL!!!!! Grow Little T, grow!

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"When you are intune with the unknown, the known is peaceful."

All AL welcome, of course!

Re: ~Mrs Carbo~

  • Anytime love! It's something that I have always struggled with. Especially after my m/c I felt like it was literally written all over my face that I wasn't pg anymore. I started feeling better once I felt like my body was getting back to normal. Good luck, I hope some of the tips work!
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