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We have been at Lackland for awhile but I have yet to meet someone who has expierence with BAMC! Everyone had their babies at Wilford Hall before it closed and still have checkups there if they are pg right now. I'm high risk so I have to go across town to Brooke Army. Does/has anyone had expierence with doctors and how things go over there? I had my initial testing and spoke to a nurse on Lackland who said they are so full that sometimes you deliver off base...REALLY don't want to have someone I've never seen deliever my child. Any advice/expierence/or someone going there too?

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  • Even if you deliver on base, there's a possibility you may not have seen the OB who happens to be on-call. They rotate.  I delivered at Keesler and in the 3 days I was admitted, I saw 4 different docs. Just something to keep in mind..

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  • We see a midwife at BAMC, her name's Gillespie and I really like her.  As Pesci12 said, you won't know who will be delivering your baby pretty much until it happens and it sounds like there's no way around that.  Basically whoever's there is who you get, but you CAN request the same OB or midwife for all of your checkups.  Also, if you get the opportunity, do the centering pregnancy!!  It's basically a group of you that are all around the same amount of weeks and your appointments are two hours long.  They do all the basic measurements and heart rate stuff at the beginning and then it's discussion/questions/advice from the midwife for the rest of the time.  Several times now I've had someone else ask about something that didn't affect me until later, but when it happened I already knew what it was (round ligament pain, for example).  I am really shy so I was very hesitant to try this, but I'm really glad that we did.  I'll try and post a little more after delivery to let you know how that went too.  In case you hear stories of people being sent to other hospitals because BAMC is full, it should no longer be an issue.  They just opened (in the last week of so) a whole new wing for longer term patients that were taking space in L&D, so from what the midwife says that shouldn't be happening anymore.  I hope this helps!!
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  • I've never been to obstetrics at BAMC but DS sees the pedi urologist there. We've always had great experiences.

    If you're really bothered by the idea of a stranger potentially delivering your baby (and I would be too) you can always switch to Tricare Standard and choose an OB or midwife practice off-base. Maternity care is still covered 100%, but you would have a copay for anything unrelated to the pregnancy, like if you break an arm or catch the flu.

    There are several great CNM (midwife) practices that deliver at hospitals all around San Antonio. The local board for SA on here has a few posts about OBs and midwives who come highly recommended.  

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  • Thank you! This makes me feel much better about going. I know it's always a possibility to be sent somewhere else but the nurse made it sound so horrible. Our last clinic sent me off base with my dd and it was such a mess. I will be looking into the group as well..thanks!
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