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How many wet diapers?

DD is 9 months old and is BF. Recently I have started to become concerned with her wet diapers. Getting her to nurse is such a challenge anymore. She will usually have 3-4 larger diapers and 1-2 small diapers. I was wondering what was the norm at this age?
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Re: How many wet diapers?

  • I hadn't thought about it until now, but let's see... Overnight is very wet, and she goes through about 5 other diapers throughout the day. That doesn't seem like many, but come to think about, I think I read somewhere that they are learning to control their bladders by this age and have fewer, but larger, pees. Maybe I'm just making that up though.


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  • 4-5+ sopping wet diapers/day.  Like PP'er said, LO's can hold more now and so they don't wet diapers as frequently. If you are concerned put 4-6 tablespoons of water in a diaper to see what a sopping wet diaper feels like.
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  • Thats completely fine. I'm a pediatric nurse and we always tell parents 3-4 wet diapers per day is good. Another way to tell if they are hydrated well is if they have tears when they cry. When babies get really dehydrated they will not have tears when they cry. I know where you are coming from though my LO is 10 months old and BF and I swear he won't nurse for more than 3 minutes if that before he is trying to wiggle away from me! I just make sure I offer as often as I can. I know as they get older they are more efficient nursers too! Hope this helps!
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