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daytime dream feed

I am currently doing the 2nd dream feed today, at least thats what im calling it. LO is so tired he hasnt been sleepog all day the past two days, only way for him to sleep is on me. So he is putting himself to sleep eating. Anyone else do this? Do you get a burp out of them or do you worry about it? I hate when he has gas and like to make sure he gets it out. Thanks!
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Re: daytime dream feed

  • I don't really dream feed, no.  But I do make sure to get a burp even if she falls asleep eating. Otherwise I am asking for a night of no sleep due to LO having gas.  She usually goes right back to sleep on my chest and then I transfer her beside me on the bed.
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  • The baby Whisperer talks about this exact thing. She says that if sleep is an issue, then no, don't burp if they're already sleeping.
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