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Bed Sharing - Head Board question

DS sleeps in his crib next to our bed most of the night now, but in the early mornings he always ends up in our bed. Our headboard has large slats in it (that he could fit through) so I put a breathable mesh bumper across it. Do you think this is sufficient?

I am reluctant to push the bed against the wall. Just wondering if that would be a better alternative than the mesh bumper. The only thing I worry about now, is that he is standing up on his own and I feel like he could wake up and get himself between the slats above the bumper, although if that happened I'd definitely hear him cry. I still don't want it to though.

What do you vote? Mesh bumper is fine, push the bed against the wall, or another suggestion? 

Re: Bed Sharing - Head Board question

  • If the mesh is just a few inches high, no that isn't sufficient for exactly the standing up scenario you mentioned. I would push the headboard against the wall or attach a large piece of backing to your headboard (plywood, maybe).
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  • ooh, good idea. I honestly hadn't though of that. Exactly why I posted the question! Thanks for the suggestion!
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  • Would you wake up or feel lo move? I know I would be wide awake before my lo even got to his knees. I think the mesh is good to make sure his head doesn't get stuck but not sure you really need to move the bed. *but I can't picture it so if you at all feel its a safety hazard you should make it safe*
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