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CPW: Need Gift Giving Advice

I'm going to be making mug cozies to give away as gifts next Christmas. I know... I know... I'm getting an early start!!! However, I'm not sure which type of cozy to make.

I will be making tons of these:
Cutest mug cozy 


But when it comes to mugs. Would you rather have a cozy that covers the bottom like this one:
Crochet mug cozy  

or one that doesn't cover the bottom, like this one:
Mug Cozy  


{These are not the specific styles, but right now i'm just debating between the bottom being covered or not.} 


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Re: CPW: Need Gift Giving Advice

  • Definitely one that covers the bottom, but not too thick that its wobbly...... those are freakin adorable btw...  id be interested in buying some when you do get started...
  • Those are so cute! I really like the little decorations (ie flowers and buttons)!!
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  • I love the look of the purple one, but I don't think I would spend the time to button it. i think them being able to slip on and off is more important... .and I love the bottom idea, it's like a portable coaster!!
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  • Even though I think that the ones that cover the bottom are much cuter, I realized that there may be more chance that I would have to wash it, like if i set it down where something had been spilled.

  • These are darling! Such a great gift. I really wish I get into crafting.

    I voted....the one that covers the bottom.


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  • wish I was your family!  Haha :)  I love making and receiving homemade gifts and those are adorable!!
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  • I love those, bought a few off etsy, wish I could make some.


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  • I vote for the one that doesn't cover the bottom because it will help insulate better when holding it, especially under the handle.  I also think that the bottom one wouldn't be as good of a coaster since the spills would end up going down the side first and the wrap would soak it up before it hits the bottom.  

    I LOVE those and am jealous that I'm not in your family ;)  If you make any additional ones and would like to sell them just let me know! 

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  • These are so adorable!!!  I love the button detail!

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  • Oooh...I like the ones with a bottom.  I would totally buy one of those and the sleeve one.

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