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Thawing question

If I thaw frozen BM in warm water to thaw it faster, does that count as warming it as well?

I need to thaw 8oz in addition to the fresh stuff I pumped today, for DSs first day of daycare tomorrow. I have it thawing in the fridge, but it's not going to be fully thawed by tonight when need to make up the bottles.

If I thaw in warm water tonight, can I use it in bottles for tomorrow? 

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Re: Thawing question

  • i always counted warming it in a warm water cup as actually heating up the milk as well as thawing.  I found that in my fridge 4-5oz would take about 12 hours to thaw, so 8oz might take longer than that.  can't you wait till the morning to put it in bottles...i always did and it doesn't take that long.  then if it still isn't done thawing and you are desperate you can warm it in warm water until you are able to pour it into bottles.
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