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6 months EBF - supply problems, what to do?

My DS has been EBF and is almost 6 months...he is still eating every 2 hours during the day and every 3 and maybe a 4 hour stretch at night.When he wakes at night he is starving, I need to feed him and then he goes right back down. I have introduced solids and he can EAT. He can take 4-5 cubes of veggies at dinner ( and I even give him in the morning as well, a fruit and some cereal) and still be starving for milk an hour later. It has not decreased his intake at all, and I used to have an awesome supply now I am diping into my reserves to feed him at night.

 Its not a growth spurt, he has been doing this for a month or so. I am absolutely exhausted and thinking of supplementing since I can.t see where I would fit in a pumping session to up my supply since he needs all the milk he can get. He's also not just comfort sucking, he's often eating both sides and for a good amount of time,

Any ideas on why this is happeneing and what to do? MH has a huge appetite and so does the baby, but is it possible I can't keep up after 6 months? I can't possible feed him any more than I am...

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Re: 6 months EBF - supply problems, what to do?

  • I am confused. Are you EBF or EPing? 

    A baby should not be expected to reduce his milk intake the second he starts eating solids. DD did not start dropping feedings until 11 months.

    I would just nurse your baby and not give so many bottles if it is requiring that you use your freezer stash. Just nurse more often. 

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